"Abdul Al'Hazred's Dead" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Another Eldritch Work" by S. Barber (filk song)
"Ask the Giant Squid: An Ongoing Cthulhoid Web-Novel" by Fritz Swanson. There is also the 1st squid and the squid archive.
"At the Mountains of Cuteness" by H.P.Lushcraft, transcribed and edited by Simon Barber
"Azathoth" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Baby's First Mythos" by C.J. Henderson, illustrated by Erica Henderson (examples: D Is for Dagon / 4 Is for the Nightgaunts)
"Beavis and Butt-Head Read the Necronomicon" by Mike Jury (Internet Archive)
"Beneath the Sea" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Big Moment" by Tim Waggoner (Nightscapes # 14)
"A Birthday Tribute to the Guy from Providence" by Franklyn Searight (poetry) (Nightscapes # 15)
"Call Me" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Call of B'harni" by Brian Bull (Internet Archive)
"The Call of Boothulhu" by Mike Marsh (Internet Archive)
"The Call of Cthulhu Or, Cthulhu Go-Go's" by Sharon A. Shroom, Goddess (Internet Archive: lyrics / midi file)
"Carcosa" by Sharon A. Shroom, Goddess, words by Robert W. Chambers (Internet Archive: lyrics / midi file)
"Casting Call" by Jon Hansen (Nightscapes # 13
"Collect Call of Cthulhu" by Keith Allen Daniels (poem) (Nightscapes # 8)
"Cthluhu" by McGarvey (filk song)
"Cthulhu" by Dennis Matheson (filk song) (Nightscapes # 13)
"Cthulhu" by Gary W. Olson
"Cthulhu (Runnin' from My Madness)" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Cthulhu Babies" by C.P. Bell (artwork) (Nightscapes # 12)
"Cthulhu Christmas Chorale" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"The Cthulhu Cult" by Dan Clore (poetry) (Nightscapes # 5)
"The Cthulhu Fanclub" by Conrad Cook (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"Cthulhu Fun" by [anonymous] (H.P. the Writer / Azathoth / Don't Go That Way / God Rest Ye Scary Great Old Ones / The Solstice Song / The Carol of the Old Ones / The Lair of Great Cthulhu / Cthulhu Of Ages / Cthulhu Loathes Me / I am Cthulhu / O Come All Ye Deep Ones / Great Old Ones Are Coming To Town)
"A Cthulhu Hymnal" compiled by Cosma Rohilla Shalizi (Internet Archive)
"Cthulhu in a Bottle" by Ben Counter (filk song)
"Cthulhu Look-and-Feel Suit" by Dave Hemming
"Cthulhu Meets South Park" by Back Slash (cartoon) (Internet Archive)
"Cthulhu Rap" by Fire Ant Collective (poetry)
"Cthulhu Song" by Will (poetry)
"Cthulhu-Maniacs" by Arthur Levesque (lyrics)
"Cthulhumaniacs" by Mike Marsh (lyrics) (Internet Archive)
"Cthulhu's Game" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Cthuliod with Butterfly Wings" by Trollboy (filk song)
"Cthuloid Toon Adventures Theme Song" by [unknown] (lyrics) (Internet Archive)
"The Cuteness That Came to Asgarth" by H.P.Lushcraft, transcribed and re-typed by Simon Barber
"Cuthulu's Song" by Cuthulu (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"Dark Side of Life" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Deep Ones" by Dan Clore (filk song) (Mythos Online # 7)
"Do You Hear the Pipes, Cthulhu?" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"Doing Lunch" by Mark McFadden (Delta Green)
"Dreams In the Plush House" by H.P.Lushcraft, edited and re-typed by Simon Barber
"Dunwich Herald" [ezine]
"The End of Days" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Faceless One" by H.P. Filkcraft (poetry) (Nightscapes # 13)
"Finding God(s)" by James Ambuehl (Nightscapes # 3)
"The Fluff at the Threshhold" by H.P.Lushcraft, edited and re-typed by Simon Barber
"The Games Club Song Page" (A cultists song... / Untitled (Ode to Cthulu) / Untitled (Fred the Migo) / From Under the Bed / Who Lu?) (Internet Archive)
"The Ghastlycrumb Ickies" by Michael Tice (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"Ghog-Mogthot, The Thing Which Should Not Be Mentioned In Passing" by Bill Johns (Internet Archive)
"The Ghoul Song" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"The Good, the Bad, and the Scaly" by James Ambuehl
"Goomi's Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) or Weird Tales from the Old Ones ..." by F. Launet/Goomi Studio (comic strip). You can also access the 1st strip and work yourself forward.
"Great Cthulhu" by David Cunnius (filk song) (Nightscapes # 14)
"Great Cthulhu (Ia-Ia-Ia)" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Great Old One Rock" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Great Old Pumpkin" by John Aegard. NOTE: Linking directly to this item doesn't work; the link is to the contents page.
"H.P. Lovecraft's Birthday Party!" by Toren "MacBin" Atkinson (artwork) (Nightscapes # 15)
"Hesgathorpe's Model" by H.P.Lushcraft, re-typed and edited by Simon Barber
"Hey Whateley" by Morose (filk song)
"The Hopper in the Hayfield" by Mark McLaughlin (Internet Archive)
"The Horror in the Bookstore" by Clinton Green
"I Ran (a spoof)" by Rebecca Kemp (filk song)
"Ia Ia Ia Ia" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"'If H.P. Lovecraft ran McDonald's'"by David Farley (Doctor Fun cartoon)
"Incognitio" by [unknown] (comic strip)
"Innsmouth Lullaby" by Mors Profundus (poetry)
"The Insects from Shaggy" by John Biles (Scooby-Doo)
"Intimidation" by Erin Tumilty (Dr. Who crossover) (Internet Archive)
"Is Nyarlathotep Your God?" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"It's the End of the World As We Know It (The Stars Are Right)" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Kn-kn-knocking on Cthulhu's Door" by Daniel William Gonzales (Nightscapes # 11)
"Kult of Hamstur" by Niko Sluzki (Internet Archive)
"Letter to the Editor" by Steven Marc Harris (Nightscapes # 9)
"An LfO Christmas (A Lovecraft Christmas)" by Pete Sears
"Liber Mentos" by Niko Sluzki (Internet Archive)
"Livin' la Dios Loco (Living for the Insane God)" by Trollboy (filk song)
"Look and Feel from Beyond" by William H. Timmins (Internet Archive)
"Lost R'lyeh" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"A Lovecraft Christmas" by Paul M. Lemieux (poetry)
"Lovecraftian Last Words" by James Ambuehl (Internet Archive)
"Lovecraftian Limericks" by Various, compiled by Arthur Levesque (poetry)
"Lovecraftian Limericks" by G.W. Thomas (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"Lovecraft's Necronomicon for Morons" by Yael Dragwyla
"Lurking Fear and Loathing-someness" by Remoob x'lA and Cire T'datsmieh (Internet Archive)
"The Maleficent Seven (Or, Cthulhu and the Indians)" by Todd H.C. Fischer
"Merry Mythmas!" by Stanley C. Sargent (artwork) (Mythos Online # 6)
"Mi-Go Braincase" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Mi-go in the Storm" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Mr. Al-Hazred" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Mob Hit" by Boyd E. Pearson (poetry) (Nightscapes # 5)
"My Byakhee" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Mythos Wizard" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Nameless Lovecraft Mythos Silliness" by Jade Lennox
"The Night of the Black Mass" by Mike Slater (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"1999" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Notebook Found in a Deserted Pagoda" by James Ambuehl and Andrew D. Gable
"Nyarly's Scarlet Tendril" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Oh, Bury Me Not in Y'ha-nthlei" by Peter A. Worthy (Nightscapes # 3)
"Old 'Man' Cthulhu" by Stanley C. Sargent
"Our Glowworld's Lump" by Doyle Netzly (Nightscapes # 11)
"The Peabody Solution" by Brendan Carson (Nightscapes # 9)
"Penny Arcade Cartoons" (comic strip) (Internet Archive)
"'Pickman used models exotic ...'" by Dennis Haggard (limerick)
"Put a Little Cthulu [sic] in Your Christmas!" by [unknown] (Internet Archive)
"Reality Flux" by Jace Kossman (The Simpsons)
"The Really Ugly, Nasty Thing from Hell" by L. Sprague de Carter (Nightscapes # 10)
"Rise of the Monsters (An Excerpt from the Tohonomicon)" by James Ambuehl
"The R'lyeh Concert Hall" compiled by Joel Gray (lyrics) (Internet Archive)
"The R'lyehan Palimpsests" by Michael Tice and Rebecca Strong (poetry) (Internet Archive)
"R'Lyehan Pie" by Moderan (filk song)
"Run From You" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Shoggoth" by Adrian Kleinbergen (cartoon)
"The Shunned Trailer" by Esther M. Friesner (illustration by Jason Eckhardt)
"The Slime Girls" by James Ambuehl
"Something Eldritch This Way Shambles" by Gary W. Olson
"The Song That Cannot Be Named" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"Speaking of the Unspeakable" by [unknown] (shooting script) (Internet Archive)
"Stairway to Kadath" by Trollboy (filk song)
"Stalk R'lyeh" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"The Starry Ones" by Ancram Hudson VI and Mitch Waxman (archive; daily comic strip)
"Summoning The Ancient Evils" by James Ambuehl (Internet Archive)
"Sung from Under the Bed" by Kay Shapero
"Sympathy for Cthulhu" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"Tentaclaws Is Coming (Undrowned)" by Stanley C. Sargent (poetry, artwork) (Mythos Online # 6)
"That Darn Squid God!" by Nick Pollotta (excerpt, 2 chapters)
"These Cthulhish Things" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"The Thing in the Bathtub" by Peter H. Cannon (Mythos Online # 4)
"The Thing in the Toyshop" by H.P. Lushcraft
"The Tower of Madness" by James Ambuehl
"Unspeakable Horror Theater 3000". H.P. Lovecraft's "Fungi From Yuggoth" with short: "The Triumph of Cthulhu," MiSTed by Jeffrey Ray Roberts (script)
[untitled] by David Kopaska Merkel (poetry) (Nightscapes # 11)
"Vote Cthulhu" by Tseran (filk song)
"The Waiting Doom" by James Ambuehl and Steven Marc Harris (Nightscapes # 10)
"Walk Like a Deep One" by Terence Chua (filk song)
"Who Wants to Dream Forever" by Ceronomus (filk song)
"When Potato Salad Goes Bad" by Jean Ann Donnel
"Wholu" by Kay Shapero (filk song)

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