Phillip A. Ellis

Grey skies at dusk fall:
humid lies Innsmouth’s skies
and mocking clouds cover all,
a storm in waiting lies.

The ocean, silent and still
as marble of mortuary bed,
lies waiting without a rill
even when broken by the head

of a solitary swimmer about the reef.
It is so quiet no-one sees
the swimmer seeking relief
in the absence of a shorewards breeze.

Dusk, and the waiting is almost stone,
monolithic, it hangs and grows;
waiting for something, the swimmer alone,
expectancy grows.

Any moment, the ships will come
to break the city far below,
rending the swimmers mute, dumb
as fear and outrage flow

into a vain and futile act,
breaking the calm as with a skipped stone,
breaking the silence as with a vain fact,
and summoning at last the farflung family home.


© 2006 Edward P. Berglund
"Grey skies at dusk fall:": © 2006 Phillip A. Ellis. All rights reserved.
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Created: October 28, 2006