Jerry Baker

For the knowledge of such Thinges hath burdened my minde with Madness ...
-- Megamoth V2

Before me lays an ancient track almost hidden 'neath the grassy sward; I step upon the well-worn path and I feel lost, far beyond man's ken. Visions and voices overfill my senses -- I seem to float through to other worlds, yet always before me lays the track as if we were eternally entwined. The voices grow louder and louder -- the visions slowly grow clear and then I see a vast throng surging along the darkened path. I move along with them; they swarm about me, forcing me along 'til we at last emerge to cower before a carven stone idol which towers far far overhead. The throng begins to chant and sing; they speak of Yog and P'nagla; they intone the chants to the Old Ones; they cry out to the shadowy ghouls of Gur-la'ya: all this as they kneel before the idol which stares down from far far above. I move closer to the diety before me to gaze up towards its carven face; when suddenly it looks down upon me as a wicked smirk cracks its lips. Slowly it reaches down for me and grasps me with sharp stone claws to lift me up before the gibbering throng as darkness overtakes me . . .

I awake upon the grassy sward which hides the ancient track; the wood is silent and still, yet there is no calmness here; for upon my arms I now bear scars and marks from long ago and I now know that in some otherworldly place, I shall once more stand before the idol as it looks down upon me and grins once more . . .

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