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"God of Vultures" by Carlos Orsi Martinho

"Baal-Zabub" by Carlos Orsi Martinho

"The One That Got Away" by Ron Shiflet

"The Third Door" by Ron Shiflet

"The Darkness on the Face of the Deep" by W. Adam Mandelbaum

"By Those Ravelled Edges of the Sea" by Dave Dickinson

"Lamentry" by Alan D. Peschke

By Kevin L. O'Brien:

"Ambition's Appetite"

"A Region Yet Unknown"


"A Fidus Aranea"

"Barbarians R Us"

"October Surprise"

"We Deliver"

"No Torrent Like Greed" by C.J. Henderson and Kevin L. O'Brien

"Let There Be Darkness" by Richard L. Tierney with Kevin L. O'Brien

"The Statement of Richard Daniel Upton" by Tani Jantsang

"Destiny" by Jerry Baker

"Indestructible" by Adrian Kleinbergen


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