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MAY 2003

Volume 6, Number 1, Whole # 15

Edward P. Berglund
James V. Kracht


Welcome to the first issue of Nightscapes in the year 2003 and the first issue since August 2001! It was supposed to be the second issue of the year 2001. But various things have plagued us, such as computer malfunctions, computer viruses, full-time real-world work, home remodeling, termination of dial-up access, finding a new server to call home, and general procrastination (read: burnout).

We profusely apologize to our readers and creators, and our art director, for the very extended delay to this issue of Nightscapes. We also apologize to publishers, editors, and writers who sent material to be reviewed. Some of this material has already gone out of print. We have started a policy of providing reviews of any Cthulhu Mythos material in print or out of print. The latter is because a lot of readers don't know if something is worth paying out of print prices for, so they would appreciate finding out what the good stuff is and being warned about the bad stuff. Again, our sincere apology to all concerned.

If you have a link to Nightscapes on your web page, it would be appreciated if you would use this URL: This links to the current issue of Nightscapes and all past issues will eventually be linked at the bottom of the Nightscapes contents page. If you would like to use a banner for the link to us, you can download this banner.

We do hope you enjoy the material we have provided this time around, and will come back again for further pleasant, but horrifying, reading experiences.


Nightscapes is an electronic magazine that is devoted to the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and all those creators who have followed. We hope to entertain you with fiction, artwork, poetry, and whatever else happens to come our way, whatever guise it may be in, as long as it deals with the Cthulhu Mythos.

We will always need the help of you, the reader and/or creator, for without you, we do not have a magazine. If you are a writer, artist, gamer, what-have-you, let us showcase your creations. All we ask is that whatever you submit, that it not have appeared on the Internet before now. (Of course, after the issue goes online, all rights are returned to the contributors. They can then put it online on their own web site or submit it to a print media publication.) We will be using one reprint story per issue, but this will be from the print media. If you are a reader, and you know of a story that appeared in the fanzines of the late 70's/early 80's that you think is worth reprinting, let us know. We'll try and get in contact with the author to get his permission to reprint it. Contact us at Nightscapes.

For the fan of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, there is never enough new stories. And a Mythos story doesn't have to be entirely in the Lovecraft mode. We have seen Mythos stories written as science fiction, fantasies, mysteries, westerns, and even romance tales. Whatever the genré, we hope you, the creators, will let us present your work to the readers under the Nightscapes banner! If you are not sure your creation is good enough, submit it and let us decide!

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