(1st Edition) (2nd Edition)

0 Nodens, Lord of the Abyss Azathoth (new artwork)

I Cthulhu Nyarlathotep

II Nyarlathotep Yog-Sothoth

III Shub-Niggurath Shub-Niggurath

IV Yog-Sothoth Hastur (new artwork)

V Deep One Cthulhu

VI Great Race of Yith Lavinia & Yog-Sothoth

VII Hastur Ithaqua

VIII Ithaqua Shoggoth

X Cthulhu Awakens The Hounds of Tindalos (new artwork)

XI Yig, the Serpent God Mi-Go (new artwork)

XII Old One Deep One

XIII Hounds of Tindalos Ghoul

XIV Spawn of Cthulhu Old One

XV Byakhee Tsathoggua (new artwork)

XVI Azathoth R'lyeh Rising

XVII Ghoul Nodens

XVIII Tsathoggua Night Gaunt

XIX Night-Gaunt Yig the Serpent God (new artwork)

XX Mi-Go Cthulhu Awakens (new artwork)

XXI Servitors of the Outer Gods The Crawling Chaos

Comments: Byakhee (XV) and Servitors of the Outer Gods (XXI) (1st ed.) were replaced by Lavinia & Yog-Sothoth (VI) and R'lyeh Rising (XVI) (2nd ed.). Spawn of Cthulhu (XIV) (1st ed.) was retitled The Crawling Chaos (XXI) (2nd ed.). In the Major Arcana, there are seven new pieces of artwork.


The Suit of Man

(1st Edition) (2nd Edition)

I H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft

II Randolph Carter Randolph Carter

III Gustaf Johansen Inspector Legrasse

IV Charles Dexter Ward Charles Dexter Ward

V Erich Zann Erich Zann

VI Herbert West Herbert West

VII Captain Obed Marsh Captain Obed Marsh

VIII Wizard Noah Whateley Wizard Noah Whateley

IX Wilbur Whateley Wilbur Whateley

X Wizard Edward Hutchinson Wizard Edward Hutchinson

XI Joseph Curwen Dr. Henry Armitage

XII Crawford Tillinghast Crawford Tillinghast

XIII Asenath Waite Harley Warren

XIV Keziah Mason & Brown Jenkin Keziah Mason

Comments: Gustaf Johansen (III), Joseph Curwen (XI), and Asenath Waite (XIII) (1st ed.) were replaced by Inspector Legrasse, Dr. Henry Armitage, and Harley Warren (2nd ed.), respectively. Keziah Mason & Brown Jenkin (XIV) (1st ed.) was retitled Keziah Mason (2nd ed.).

The Suit of Artifacts

(1st Edition) (2nd Edition)

I Star Stone Star Stone

II The Philosopher's Stone The Colour Out of Space

III The Silver Key The Silver Key

IV The Shining Trapezohedron The Shining Trapezohedron

V Guardian of Kadath Guardian of Kadath (new artwork)

VI The Yellow Sign The Yellow Sign

VII EOD Vestments EOD Vestments

VIII Resonator Resonator

IX Pickman's Model Pickman's Model

X Mi-Go Brain Cylinder Mi-Go Brain Cylinder

XI Bokrug Bokrug

XII The Hound Amulet The Hound Amulet

XIII Throne of Tsathoggua Stone of Neyemiah Derby

XIV Liao the Plutonian Drug Liao, the Plutonian Drug

Comments: The Philosopher's Stone (II) and Throne of Tsathoggua (XIII) (1st ed.) were replaced with The Colour Out of Space and Stone of Neyemiah Derby (2nd ed.), respectively. In the Suit of Artifacts, there was one new piece of artwork.

The Suit of Tomes

(1st Edition) (2nd Edition)

I The Necronomicon The Necronomicon

II De Vermis Mysteriis De Vermis Mysteriis

III Unaussprechlichen Kulten Unaussprechlichen Kulten

IV The R'lyeh Texts The R'lyeh Texts

V The Dhol Chants The Dhol Chants

VI Libre d' Eibon Libre d' Eibon

VII The King in Yellow The King in Yellow

VIII Cultes des Gouls Cultes des Gouls (new artwork)

IX The Pnakotic Manuscripts The Pnakotic Manuscripts

X The Eltdown Shards The Eltdown Shards

XI The People of the Monolith The People of the Monolith (new artwork)

XII The Ponape Scriptures The Ponape Scriptures

XIII Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan

XIV The Sussex Fragments The Black Book

Comments: The Sussex Fragments (XIV) (1st ed.) was replaced with The Black Book (2nd ed.). In the Suit of Tomes, there were two new pieces of artwork.

The Suit of Sites

(1st Edition) (2nd Edition)

I R'lyeh Yuggoth

II Irem, City of Pillars Irem, City of Pillars

III Plateau of Leng Plateau of Leng

IV Whateley Farmhouse Whateley Farmhouse (new artwork)

V Arkham The Witch House

VI The Mountains of Madness The Mountains of Madness

VII St. Toad's St. Toad's

VIII Innsmouth Innsmouth

IX Kadath Kadath

X Exham Priory Exham Priory

XI Sentinel Hill Sentinel Hill

XII EOD Temple EOD Temple

XIII Strange High House in the Mists The Church on Federal Hill

XIV Library of Celaeno Arkham

Comments: R'lyeh (I), Strange High House in the Mists (XIII), and Library of Celaeno (XIV) (1st ed.) were replaced with Yuggoth, The Witch House, and The Church on Federal Hill (2nd ed). Arkham (V) (1st Ed.) was moved down to XIV (2nd ed.). In the Suit of Sites, there was one new piece of artwork.

Summary: In The H.P. Lovecraft Tarot, 11 cards were replaced, 2 cards were retitled, and 11 cards had new artwork. The Major Arcana was completely rearranged and 1 card in the Suit of Sites was moved down.


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Created: May 3, 2003; Updated: August 9, 2004