Justin Scott Van Kleeck

What once was shall now forever be,
From the ancient shadow, gallantly
As kings deposed, return and ascend,
High in your thrones, reign gloriously.

The flickering flame, burning, consumes,
To strengthen the race, lying entombed
For aeons unknown, dreaming yet dead,
What is a grave becoming a womb.

Rise to awareness! Waken! Return!
Those who await lamenting, who yearn,
Cry olden names in revelry great,
Knowledge inherent, wild blood burns.

Engage in rites forgotten by time,
Praising dark gods in blasphemous rhyme;
Transcend the flesh, again become one
With spirits divine, essence sublime.

Fire of Outside burns those within,
Deep-seeded hatred spawned from the sin
Of light, wicked light! Whose age has passed.
This war of wars the Ancients shall win.

Elder race fallen, towering might
Looking upon this pitiful sight.
Blood raging cold, they view this disgrace,
Anger reborn and eyes burning bright.

From the Abyss come fierce battle cries:
Death is upon them! yet with surprise
The Gods of Earth seek shelter from Fate,
Muttering helpless, cowardly lies.

Peer in the face of fathomless guile,
Image of pureness, evil defiles
This time of kindly rule over man:
I invoke hatred, beings so vile.

Gaze at this flame, as dark as a soul
That, once possessed, is devoured whole
And joined with One that is also All.
Warmth of an age this cold fire enfolds.

Chaos incarnate, I bring their word
To hapless man, the victors assured
Their place as rulers over this race:
Flush out the weak then slaughter the herd.

Forged long ago, and from them springs life:
By magick and blood shed by the knife
Of their begotten, born by their will,
Now become bringers of plague and strife.

Out of the ether, bright burning eyes
Pictured this race, and so did it rise
To total power over the stars
Soon to witness the old God's demise.

Upon creation, shunned out of fear
By divine power, who standing near
That wicked radiance, trembling,
Bound them forever...or so it appeared.


© 1998 Edward P. Berglund
"The Olden Flame": © 1998 Justin Scott Van Kleeck. All rights reserved.
Graphic © 1998 Old Arkham Graphics Design. All rights reserved. Email to: Corey T. Whitworth.

Created: April 10, 1998