Dominic Servello

The Gate is open, come and join the fun --
But don't let your talisman be reached by the sun

You call forth the "Watcher" to watch over your soul --
Don't keep the Gate open, or 'twill be the end of us all!

The Priest is given a "Name", and this he must REMEMBER --
For if he forgets this, he cannot become a "Member"

The danger is real, your thoughts are a blur --
The next Gate you approach, and your body seems to stir

Ishtar is of beauty, and shows no sign of pain --
But BEWARE you 'O' priest, of the falling of acid rain

The Gates are there for you to see --
But remember young Wizard, what can happen to thee!

Your thoughts are pure when you begin --
But when all is done, you'll have committed the SIN!

Go now to the next Gate --
The owner of this one is filled with much hate

To disturb this one is bad news --
To fight this one, would be to lose

Keep AWARE 'O' Sorcerer, do not stir the BEAST --
For if HE awakens, the world will be his feast!

Don't turn left, Don't look right --
Hear this warning while your soul is in flight

Your by yourself, no one else is around --
Can you HEAR IT? Not even a sound!

The Gates are not of HELL, The Gates are not of HEAVEN --
I can tell you nothing more, only that there are seven

The time has come, to prepare the young priest --
He has learned much indeed, and his POWERS have increased!

He will want to go on alone --
But this just can't be done

For if this were to happen --
'Twould be the END of everyone!

The powers would be misused --
Everything would be destroyed

This cannot be permitted --


© 1997 Edward P. Berglund
"The Gates": © 1997 Dominic Servello. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on Dom's Web Page.
Graphics © 1997 Old Arkham Graphics Design. All rights reserved. Email to: Corey T. Whitworth.

Created: December 2, 1997; Updated: August 9, 2004