Fire Chief


Franklyn Searight

That's right, young man, old Zadok was my friend,
Although he really wasn't one of "us".
Yes, ever since I was a lad I've known
That ancient, bushy-bearded, drunken cuss.
Lived at the poor house -- couldn't hold a job --
But hung around the station every day.
He loved to talk and spin outlandish tales
Which helped to pass the afternoons away.
One day he met some guy who came to town;
He talked a bit too much of things he knew.
I don't know where he's gone to; guess he's dead.
But we all miss his yarns here -- yes, we do.


© 1997 Edward P. Berglund
"Folks of Innsmouth: Fire Chief": © 1997 Franklyn Searight. All rights reserved.
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Created: December 2, 1997; Updated: August 9, 2004