Basically, if you follow the links you will know the history of the first and second editions of the Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos and how The Disciples of Cthulhu came about.

Introduction from First Edition

Interview by Fred C. Adams: This interview was conducted prior to the publication of the Second Edition.

Introduction from Second Edition

Interview by Allen Mackey: This interview was conducted a couple of years ago and was to appear in Allen's Mythos in order to put out the word that I was working on the Third Edition.

The Disciples of Cthulhu: As you will see -- noting that the Second Revised Edition of TDoC was published 1996 -- there doesn't seem to be anymore to say, except . . . The Disciples of Cthulhu II should already be out by the time you read this.

A Review of The Disciples of Cthulhu (2nd revised edition) by Peter F. Guenther, with review1 by Stephen Mark Rainey and review2 by James Ambuehl on our web site.

Interview by Ken Withrow: This interview was conducted and published in The Cthulhu WebRing Newsletter, Special Edition # 1, on April 16, 2000, and then put online at The Deep Ones Speak website, accompanied by two photographs of yours truly.

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