"De Aequilibritatis Mundi": The Cosmic Balance by Punisher, Deathstrike, and Gladiator (Indiana Jones / The X-files / Star Wars crossover) / No Guts, No Glory by Deathstrike, Gladiator, and Punisher (Battletech / House Davion vs. Kurita / Stars Wars crossover) / The Frayed Ends of Sanity by Gladiator, Punisher, and Deathstrike (Star Trek crossover) / The Shadows Out of Time by Deathstrike, Gladiator, and Punisher
"The Challenge from Beyond" by C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long (Internet Archive)
"Challenge from Beyond 2000" by David Farnell, Mark McFadden, Edward Lipsett, Gregory Wilson, Nick Brownlow, Eckhard Huelshoff, Nerva Vels, Randall Orndorff, The Nuge, David Clements, Axel Widén, Phil Ward, John Stanley, Til Eulenspiegel, Ed McEneely, Stuart Sands, Andrew John Farrow, Frank M. Adams, Yossi Gurvitz, [Ryan Solomon], and Davide Mana (Delta Green)
"Challenge from Beyond 2003" by Mark McFadden, Eckhard Huelshoff, Raymond Welt, Jürgen Hubert, J. Edward Tremlett, The Nuge, Daniel Jackson, Philip Ward, Laurel Halbany, J.W. van der Pejl, Shannon Bell, Dave Clements, and David Farnell (Delta Green)
"A Dark Day in Zothique" by Boyd Pearson, James William Hjort, Jonathan Burns, and Laurence J. Cornford (incomplete) (Zothique)
"In Irem, the Thousand-Pillared..." by Jonathan Sivier, Donald Davis, Don Juneau, and Ryleh the Wanderer (Internet Archive)
"The Looking Glass" by Peter A. Worthy, Ian Davey, E.P. Berglund, and James Ambuehl (Mythos Online # 1)
"The Perpetual Motionist" by Ian McDowell, Candace Flynt, Michael Parker, Julie Ann Parks, Nancy Bartholomew, Ann Deagon, William R. Trotter, Stephen Mark Rainey, Susan Kelly, Lee Zacharias, Fred Chappell, and Orson Scott Card, edited by Fred Chappell, illustrated by Doug Cox
"The Towers" by E.P. Berglund (Mythos Online # 6). This is Chapter 2 of "The Curse of Cthulhu" round robin (not online).

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