Acute --- Curiosity
Curse --- His
Hit --- Miskatonic
Missive --- Shadowed
Shadows --- Werewolf

"The Missive Of Thaddeus" by Sean Rodgers (Nightscapes # 8)
"Mnemoka" by Clark Ashton Smith (fragment) (Aihai)
"The Monster on the Tundra" by D.K. Latta
"Monsters" by Matt Cowger (Delta Green: Immortality)
"The Moon of Aeons" by Nickolaus Pacione
"The Moore Dam Monster" by R.S. Cartwright and Samuel H. Milligan
"Morthylla" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "Morthylla".
"The Most Holy Pope" by Henrik Johnsson (Nightscapes # 4)
"Mother Hydra" by Adrian Shepard
"Mother of Toads" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "Mère des Crapauds" and into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "Mamá Sapo". There is also an abridged version.
"The Mound" by Zealia Bishop (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"Move Over Fat Face" by Tani Jantsang
"A Movement in the Grass" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"Lo Muerto Nunca Muere" by Muerte (in Spanish)
"The Muse of Atlantis" by Clark Ashton Smith (prose poem) (Poseidonis). This prose poem has been translated into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "La muse d'Atlantis" and into Italian by Simona Cartagenova, Bruno Aliotta, and Francesco Bruni as "La Musa di Atlantide".
"The Muse of Hyperborea" by Clark Ashton Smith (prose poem) (Hyperborea). This prose poem has been translated into Spanish by Guadalupe Rubio de Urquía as "La Musa De Hyperbórea", into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "La muse d'Hyperborée", and into German by Denis Vidinski as "Die Muse von Hyperborea".
"The Music of Erich Zann" by H.P. Lovecraft. This story has been translated into Hungarian as "Muzica lui Erich Zann" [Internet Archive] and into Romanian as "Muzica lui Erich Zann" by Paul Pantazescu [Internet Archive)].
"My Father's Son" by John Tynes (Delta Green) (Mythos Online # 4)
"My Part in the Dooming of Mankind" by Jacob Lewis
"Mythos Corruption" by Blakrobe
"The Mythos Meets Arlo Troutman" by Ian Thomson
"Mythos Variations" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel (Nightscapes # 11)
"Nachtjager" by Derek Paterson (The Fortean Bureau # 3)
"The Nameless City" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Nameless Offspring" by Clark Ashton Smith. There is also a synopsis.
"Necromancer's Legacy" by Peter F. Guenther (Nightscapes # 10)
"Necromancy in Naat" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique) (Internet Archive)
"The Necronomicon vs. Hellraiser" by Mario Munari (Hellraiser crossover)
"Nefast" by James Kracht (Nightscapes # 7)
"Nekros Nomos Ikonos" by James Ambuehl
"News Spinning After the Time Before" by Philip I. Jones, see: "Party Plotting After the Time Before" by Philip I. Jones
"Nexus of Vortices" by John W. Patterson (Part 1 / Part 2)
"Night Gaunts" by Brett Rutherford (play) (Internet Archive: Introduction and Act One / Act Two). There is also The Night Gaunts Photo Gallery (Internet Archive) (4 /5 images were archived)
"The Night Music of Oakdeene" by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. (Nightscapes # 12)
"The Night Ocean" by R.H. Barlow (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"Night of Samhain" by Carlos Orsi Martinho (Nightscapes # 8), translated from the Portuguese by Ricardo Madeira
"Night Winds and Sepulchral Bells" by James William Hjort
"Nightmare Suburbia" by Michael Minnis (Internet Archive)
"Nipputhogan" by Humberto Gato (in Spanish)
"Noctulos" by Tim Curran (The Three-Lobed Burning Eye # 6)
"Nocturne in a Minor Key" by John M. Navroth
"Not One the Same" by J.B. Lee (Nightscapes # 6)
"Notes Regarding the Death of Daniel Ashpont" by Todd Shearer (Internet Archive)
"The N-Scale Horror" by Gerard E. Giannattasio (Nightscapes # 9)
"No. 29 Stumper Allee" by Michael Minnis (Internet Archive)
"Nyarlathotep" by H.P. Lovecraft (prose poem)
"Nyarlathotep" by Kenneth Silver (Nightscapes # 14)
"La Obscena Dentellada de la Noche" by J. Manuel Gallardo (in Spanish)
"The Obscene Figurine" by Philip Weber
"October Surprise" by Kevin L. O'Brien
"Of Rags and Tatters" by Todd Shearer (Internet Archive)
"Of Things to Come" by Michael Minnis (Internet Archive)
"Ohn - The Seeker's Tale" by Christos Dimitrakakis
"Older Than Old" by Connie R. Bechtel
"One Born of Hatred" by Ian Davey (Internet Archive)
"Once in Yemen" by Adrian Shepard
"One Rainy Late Afternoon Spent in the Company of Dr. Thulask" by James Ambuehl
"The Only Way to Win Is ..." by J.W. Kelley
"An Open Letter of Recovery" by Jeffrey Bryan Shoup
"Opus 1640" by Phillip A. Ellis (prose poem) (Zothique)
"The Oracle of Sadoqua" by Ron Hilger (Averoigne)
"The Oracle of Sadoqua" by Clark Ashton Smith (synopsis) (Averoigne). This synopsis has been translated into Spanish by Fermín Moreno González as "El oráculo de Sadoqua". See also: "The Oracle of Sadoqua" by Ron Hilger
"The Other Gods" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"Our Man in Cameroon" by Konrad Talmont-Kaminski (Delta Green)
"Out of the Aeons" by Hazel Heald (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"The Outsider" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Owls" by Alan Peschke (Nightscapes # 8)
"The Package" by Jeff Gulbranson, see: "Case History" by Jeff Gulbranson
"The Painting" by Sam Gafford (Internet Archive)
"Papers from a Deserted House (in Lincoln)" by Marcus Harmon (The Three-Lobed Burning Eye # 3)
"The Papyrus of Queen Nitocris" by Diane C. Hundertmark
"Parchment" by Duane Pesice
"Party Plotting After the Time Before" by Philip I. Jones. Sequel: News Spinning After the Time Before
"The Passage Through" by John Tynes (screenplay) (Delta Green)
"The Passing of Belzévuthe" by Simon Whitechapel (Averoigne)
"The Patient" by Ricardo Madeira (Mythos Online # 2)
"El peligro de la Araucania" by Dardo Adolfo E. Papalia (in Spanish)
"Peering Beyond the Veil" by Eric Norton
"Perchance to Dream" by B.K. Willis (Dr. Who crossover) (Internet Archive)
"The Percival Tyler Files" by Clinton Green (Internet Archive (Percival Tyler Home Page) / The Prophecy in the Woods (Internet Archive) / The Curse of the Hindoo (Internet Archive) / The Funereal Interlude / The Damned). Unfortunately, the last two episodes were not archived. (The author was converting these into a novel.) There is also an audio version of "The Prophecy in the Woods", read by the author, on Dark Half.
"The Perfect Plot" by Stuart Martinson
"Perilous Legacy" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"Photo Essay" by Michael Minnis (Nightscapes # 15)
"Pickman's Model" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into Esperanto by Don Harlow as "La modelo de Pikman".
"The Picture in the House" by H.P. Lovecraft. This story has also been rewritten by Jonathon David Hawkins as "A Re-Writing of 'The Picture in the House'".
"Pilate Blindfolded" by Carlos Orsi Martinho (Nightscapes # 13)
"The Pirates of Y'ha-Nthlei" by Michael Lotstein
"The Pisces Club" by James Ambuehl (Dr. Who crossover) (Internet Archive)
"Plague Bearer" or "The Horror of a Poe-Lovecraft Crossover" by Clockwork Pilot
"Planetfall on Yuggoth" by James Wade (Nightscapes # 4 - "An HPL Sampler")
"Polaris" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Portal" by Christopher B. Hicks (Internet Archive)
"Port Hole" by W. Adam Mandelbaum (Internet Archive)
"The Portal of K'nar'st" by Kevin Litner (Internet Archive)
"Poseidon" by Clark Ashton Smith (synopsis) (Poseidonis)
"Postgraduate Work" by Eric W. Norton
"The Potrait" [sic] by Hasan Abood
"Prairie Gift" by Jean Ann Donnel
"Predator" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr. (Nightscapes # 4 - "An HPL Sampler")
"Priestess of Nycrama" by John W. Patterson (Nightscapes # 12)
"The Priest of Mlok" by Gary Myers
"Primogen" by Tani Jantsang (Nightscapes # 10)
"The Prodigal" by Andy Nunez (Nightscapes # 5)
"The Prodigies of Monkfield Cabot" by Michael Minnis (Mythos Online # 6)
"The Producer" by Mark McFadden (Delta Green)
"Program of the Elder Gods" by Steven L. Shrewsbury
"Progressive Catastrophe" by Wayne Sheeler
"The Project" by Jeff Miller (Nightscapes # 10)
"The Providence Ghoul" by Paul Scott (first draft) (Internet Archive)
"Psychorave" by David J. Rodger (excerpt). (The author can be emailed for the complete story.)
"Quayle the Bibliophile" by Mark Samuels (Internet Archive)
"The Queen in Red" by David Sokolowski (Delta Green)
"Queen of the Sabbat" by Clark Ashton Smith (synopsis) (Averoigne)
"The Quest of Iranon" by H.P. Lovecraft
"Quest of the Gazolba" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique). See: "The Voyage of King Euvoran"
"Rags to Riches to Hell" by M.F. Korn (Internet Archive)
"The Rats in the Walls" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Ravenswood Horror" by Nickolaus A. Pacione
"The Reader" by Andrew Ian Dodge
"Realmquest" by Eric Norton
"Rejection" by R.S. Cartwright (Nightscapes # 9)
"The Render of the Celestial Strands" by Eric Norton
"A Rendezvous in Averoigne" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "Cita en Averoigne".
"Re-Quest Denied" by Stanley C. Sargent (Mythos Online # 8)
"The Return" by Clem Griffith
"The Return of Rhan-Tegoth" by Laurence J. Cornford (Nightscapes # 7)
"The Return of the Black Pharaoh" by Strike3 (Tomb Raider crossover)
"The Return of the Sorcerer" by Clark Ashton Smith. There is also an alternate "Conclusion to 'The Return of the Sorcerer'".
"Return to Innsmouth: The Official Website". This website has two treatsments, the 7th draft, and pre-production sketches (Internet Archive: treatment 1 / treatment 2 / script / sketches).
"Return to the Mountains of Madness" by R.S. Cartwright, see: "Under Darkening Skies" by R.S. Cartwright
"Return Visit" by Michael (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Sequels: The Price / A Few Inches / Darkling Plain
"Revelations in a Public Restroom" by Michael Minnis
"Ride the Wild Worm" by Mike Carter (Nightscapes # 12)
"The Ring of the Demon God" by Robert Weinberg (Nightscapes # 1)
"The Rite of the Fire Demon" by J.V. Sanders (The Fortean Bureau # 3)
"R'lyeh Fthagn" by Brandon Seifert
"Road Rage" by Ken Beattie
"A Romance of Mhu Thulan" by Joshua Abramsky (Hyperborea)
"Rosa's Day" by Brendan Carson (Nightscapes # 11)
"Rough Night in Innsmouth" by Ron Shiflet (Nightscapes # 12)
"Runic Protection" by Andrew Ian Dodge
"Rycliffe's Curse" by Mik Clarke (Internet Archive)
"The Sacrament" by J.G.W. Russell (Internet Archive)
"The Sacrifice" by Andrew Weinman (Internet Archive)
"Sailor Moon L(ovecraft)" by C-kun (Sailor Moon crossover)
"Sangre, Quiero Más Sangre" by Muerte (in Spanish)
"Sarsaparilla Isabella" by Mik Clarke (Internet Archive)
"The Satyr" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne). There is an alternate conclusion. The story has been translated into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "El sátiro" and the alternate conclusion has been translated into Italian by Francesco Bruni and Bruno Aliotta as "Finale Alternativo A 'Il Satiro'", respectfully.
"The Schala Chronicles" by Intrasonic (Chrono Trigger crossover) (Bitterness and Obsession / The Call of Lavos)
"Sciamatrox: The Book of Black Ch'an" by Enki Kuriosh (Part 1 / Part 2)
"Scorched Earth" by Shane Ivey, see: "Jaundiced Eyes" by Shane Ivey
"The Sculptor" by Conrad Hubbard (Dreamlands; non-Mythos)
"The Scuttler in the Dark" by R.S. Cartwright (Nightscapes # 13)
"Seafoam" by Alan Peschke (Nightscapes # 5)
"The Sealed Casket" by Richard F. Searight
"The Seas of Midnight" by Void_enthroned
"The Second Effort" by John Tynes (Internet Archive)
"Seduced" by Ron Shiflet
"The Seed from the Sepulchre" by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Seer" by Chris Loveless
"The Sentinels of Time" by Phillips A. Ellis (prose poem) (Nightscapes # 10)
"The Serpents of Tenoka" by Ron Shiflet (Nightscapes # 4)
"The Seven Dreamers of Voormithadreth" by Ian Davey (Mythos Online # 6)
"The Seven Geases" by Clark Ashton Smith (Hyperborea) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into Spanish by Guadalupe Rubio de Urquía as "Las Siete Pruebas".
"The Shadow from the Sarcophagus / The Antique Shadow" by Clark Ashton Smith (synopsis). See also: "The Shadow of the Sleeping God" by James Ambuehl
"The Shadow in the Crimson Light" by Adrian Shepard
"Shadow of the Gathering" by Nickolaus A. Pacione
"The Shadow of the Sleeping God" by James Ambuehl (Hyperborea). This is based on the synopsis by Clark Ashton Smith entitled "The Shadow from the Sarcophagus / The Antique Shadow."
"The Shadow Out of Time" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraft
"The Shadow Over Lawndale" by Michael Sears (Daria crossover)
"Shadow Over Westchester" by Kerrie Smith (incomplete) (The X-Men crossover) (Internet Archive)
"Shadowchaser" by Thomas Fortenberry (Mythos Online # 6, # 8)
"Shadowed" by Andrew Ian Dodge

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