Acute --- Curiosity
Curse --- His
Hit --- Miskatonic
Missive --- Shadowed
Shadows --- Werewolf

"The Hit" by Jimmie Bise, Jr. (Delta Green)
"The Holiness of Azéderac" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "La santidad de Azédarac".
"Homecoming" by Corpsecandle (Part 1)
"Homecoming" by Alan D. Peschke (Mythos Online # 8)
"The Hoppwood Tenant" by Stanley Sargent
"The Horror at Red Hook" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"The Horror from the Well" by R.S. Cartwright (Nightscapes # 2)
"The Horror in the Bookstore" by Clinton Green (Internet Archive)
"The Horror in the Box" by Megan Powell (Internet Archive)
"The Horror in the Burying Ground" by Hazel Heald (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"The Horror in the Museum" by Hazel Heald (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"The Horror of Cresthaven Hollow" by Damion Bishop
"The Horror of Innsbrook" by Christine Morgan (Gargoyles crossover)
"The Horror of Spam" by Andrew Nellis **adult themes**
"The Horror on the Altar" by Ken Beattie (Internet Archive). There are also notes for this story (Internet Archive).
"The Horror That Came to Innsmouth" by James Ambuehl
"The Horror Writer" by Joshua L. Pritchett, Jr. (Internet Archive)
"The Hound" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"Hour of the Cyclops" by Laird Barron (The Three-Lobed Burning Eye # 6)
"The House in the Woods" by R.S. Cartwright (Nightscapes # 5)
"The House of Haon-Dor" by Clark Ashton Smith (fragment) (Hyperborea)
"House of Spiders" by Nickolaus Pacione
"House of the Rising Sun: Innsmouth, USA" by Ken Ishikawa (Nightscapes # 13)
"How Darkness Came to Carcosa" by Galad Elflandsson (Nightscapes # 14)
"Hunger" by Andrew Nellis (introduction / story / afterward)
"The Hungry Man" by Tim Waggoner (Nightscapes # 8)
"The Hunter of the Shadows" by Clinton Green
"The Hunters from Beyond" by Clark Ashton Smith (Internet Archive)
"The Hyperborean City" by Clark Ashton Smith (synopsis) (Hyperborea)
"The Hyperborean Curse" by David Conner
"Hypnos" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"I, Cthulhu" by Neil Gaiman
"I of the Storm" by Moderan
"I Walk the World's Black Rim" by Michael Minnis (Nightscapes # 4)
"Ice John" by Tani Jantsang
"The Ice-Demon" by Clark Ashton Smith (Hyperborea). This story has been translated into Spanish by Guadalupe Rubio de Urquía as "El Demonio De Hielo".
"If HPL wrote HST" by (Internet Archive)
"Imam to Come" by Andrew Ian Dodge (Part 1 / Part 2). Sequel: "Yazidis Needed"
"The Immortal" by David Kish (Delta Green: Immortality)
"In an Octopus's Garden" by Kevin L. O'Brien
"In His Daughter's Darkling Tomb" by Tina Jens (excerpt from SINGERS OF STRANGE SONGS edited by Scott David Aniolowski)
"In My Right Mind" by Frank M. Adams (Delta Green)
"In the Book of Vergama" by Clark Ashton Smith, see: "The Last Hieroglyph" by Clark Ashton Smith
"In the Caves" by Clinton Green
"In the Court of the Crystal Flame" by James Ambuehl (Hyperborea)
"In the Dark of Kingston" by Jeffrey Blair Latta
"In the Eyes of a Skull" by Nickolaus Pacione
"In 'Ygiroth" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"An Incarceration in Bh'Yhlun" by Ian Davey (Nightscapes # 3)
"Inchoate and Stillborn" by Duane Pesice, see: "Letters from Outside: Short Shorts and Fragments" by Divers Hands
"Incomplete Recall" by Cindy Burnes (Delta Green)
"Indestructible" by Adrian Kleinbergen, see: "Father Nick Carpenter" by Adrian Kleinbergen
"The Infernal Star" by Clark Ashton Smith (fragment) (Hyperborea / Zothique). There are also notes for this story from THE BLACK BOOK OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH
"The Inheritance" by John Parkinson (Internet Archive)
"The Inner Dark" by Duane Pesice (Nightscapes # 14)
"The Inner Gateway" by E.P. Berglund (Mythos Online # 6)
"Innsmouth Harvest" by R.S. Cartwright (Nightscapes # 4)
"Innsmouth Rules!" by Ron Shiflet (Mythos Online # 4)
"The Innsmouth Toad" by Paul Scott (Internet Archive)
"Innsmouth Wood" by Michael Minnis
"Insect" by Nickolaus Pacione
"The Insects from Shaggy" by John Biles
"Inside the Idol" by Jason Quinn (Nightscapes # 12)
"The Insider" by Stanley C. Sargent (Mythos Online # 7)
"Instructions for Use" by J.G.W. Russell
"Intercessor" by Eric Norton
"Interstellar Oblivion" by Michael Douglas
"Island Paradise" by J.R. Boos and Graeme Stevens (Nightscapes # 11)
"The Isle of Chor-Tal" by Ron Shiflet (Nightscapes # 10)
"The Isle of the Torturers" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique) (Internet Archive)
"An Item of Mutual Interest" by Adam Scott Glancy (Delta Green)
"Jack Frost" by Shane Ivey (Delta Green)
"Jaundiced Eyes" by Shane Ivey (Delta Green) (Blacker Than Black / l e s s e r d a r k / Scorched Earth)
"Jewel of Many Colors" by Kenneth Silver (Nightscapes # 9)
"Jonesville 2000" by Moderan (Internet Archive: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)
"The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer" by Mystik Slacker (Daria crossover)
"The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disorder" by Eric Norton
"The Jungle's Black God" by Joseph A. McCullough V (Nightscapes # 11)
"Just a Simple Country Doctor" by Tim Waggoner (Mythos Online # 6)
"Just A Tad Beyond Innsmouth" by Stanley C. Sargent (Mythos Online # 3)
"Justice" by Vodstock
"Juxtaposed, Yet Infinitely Distant" by C.S. Barlow
"Kadras" by Peter Levi (Nightscapes # 12)
"Kali Yuga Comes" by Tina Jens (excerpt from MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Robert Weinberg)
"Keeper of Dreams" by Ian Thomson
"The Kensington Horror" by Maddy **adult themes** (Queen crossover)
"The Key of Shub-Niggurath" by Fred S. Lubnow and Steve Maschuck (Nightscapes # 14)
"The Key of the Poet" by Edward M. Kane (Nightscapes # 2)
"Kidnapped by the Deepers" by Nyaar (in Spanish)
"The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers (The Repairer of Reputations / The Mask / In the Court of the Dragon / The Yellow Sign / The Demoiselle d'Ys / The Prophets' Paradise / The Street of the Four Winds / The Street of the First Shell / The Street of Our Lady of the Fields / Rue Barrée). There is also the poem, Cassilda's Song
"Kingdom of the Black Lotus" by John R. Fultz
"A Kingdom of Walls" by The Man in Black (Delta Green)
"The Knick-Knack Queen" by Chris Loveless
"Knuckerhole" by Michael Minnis
"Kuaska" by Muerte (in Spanish)
"Laid to Rest" by Adrian Shepard
"The Lair of Cthulhu" by Richard F. Paige, see: "Trio of Death" by Richard F. Paige
"The Lake of Stars" by Boyd E. Pearson
"Lament" by Walter C. DeBill, Jr. (Nightscapes # 6)
"The Last Halloween" by Ron Shiflet (Mythos Online # 5)
"The Last Hieroglyph" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique) (Internet Archive). This can also be downloaded in MS-Reader format. There is also a fragment, "In the Book of Vergama", which precedes the published version. This fragment has been translated into Italian by Francesco Bruni and Bruno Aliotta as "Nel Libro di Vergama".
"The Last Human Horror" by Decadence
"The Last Incantation" by Clark Ashton Smith (Poseidonis) (Internet Archive). This story has been translated into Spanish by Fermín Moreno González as "El Último Conjuro".
"The Last Laugh" by Ron Shiflet (Nightscapes # 3)
"Last Night I Dreamed of Rlyeh Again" by Simon Bucher-Jones
"The Last Survivor" by Sean Rodgers
"The Last Test" by Adolphe de Castro (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"Law of the Jungle" by Andy Nunez (Elmo of the Apes / Dark Shadows crossover)
"The Legacy of Maal Dweb" by Ron Shiflet
"l e s s e r d a r k" by Shane Ivey, see: "Jaundiced Eyes" by Shane Ivey
"The Lesson" by Andrew Ian Dodge
"Letters from Outside: Short Shorts and Fragments" by Divers Hands (The Black Traveler by Duane Pesice / Frieze in Blue and White by Duane Pesice / Letters Lost to the Void of Time by James Ambuehl / Inchoate and Stillborn by Duane Pesice / Conversation Occuring in a New England Cemetary by Richard D. Magrath / Everybody Knows My Name ... by James Ambuehl). "The Black Traveler" and "Frieze in Blue and White" have also appeared under the title "The Night the Shadow Out of Time Broke Out (Internet Archive).
"Letters From Skitzo" by M.F. Korn
"Letters Lost to the Void of Time" by James Ambuehl, see: "Letters from Outside: Short Shorts and Fragments" by Divers Hands
"Letter to the Editor" by Eric Norton
"Leviathan's Ghost" by Nicholaus Pacione
"The Library of Sorrows" by Jeffrey Thomas (Punktown)
"The Lichen" by Mark Samuels (Internet Archive) Note: Unable to directly link to the story; click on "What's New", go down to 30 June 1999, and click on "The Lichen".
"The Life and Death of Zebros Santiago" by Peter Levi (Nightscapes # 8)
"Like Angels' Visits, Short and Bright" by The Angst Guy (Daria crossover)
"The Liquid" by Andreas Melhorn (Delta Green)
"Little Fangs" by Morgan Kohl (Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers crossover). See also: "Dale's Decision" by Justin Reese
"A Little Knowledge" by Eric Norton
"Live Bait" by Stanley C. Sargent (Mythos Online # 4)
"A Lizard, or Infinite Skies" by Dave Karnstein (Dr. Who crossover) (Internet Archive)
"The Lords of Pain" by Richard L. Tierney (Nightscapes # 3)
"Loser's Revenge" by C-kun
"The Lost Scrolls of Mu (Being the Surviving Fragments of the Account of Zag'Zhru, Grand Hierophant)" by John R. Fultz (Mythos Online # 8)
"Lovecraftianisms: Prose Poems" by E.P. Berglund (prose poems) (The Colour Out of Space / The Nameless City / The Dunwich Horror / The Haunter of the Dark)
"Lure of the Deep" by Volk-Oboroten
"The Lurker in the Dark" by Triptych
"The Lurker in the Latrine, or Perceival Tyler in India" by Clinton Green
"Luz y Oscuridad" by Muerte (in Spanish)
"Maastricht Chalk" by Michael Minnis (Nightscapes # 8)
"Made of Meat" by David Conyers
"Madness Be Not Gentle" by David Jasper
"Madness Revisited" by Sean Rodgers (Mythos Online # 2)
"Madonna of the Abyss" by David Hensler **adult themes**
"Mail-Order Bride" by Ann K. Schwader
"Main Street" by Shane Ivey (Delta Green)
"The Maker of Gargoyles" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne). This has been translated into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "El escultor de gárgolas" and into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "Le sculpteur de gargouilles". There is also a synopsis.
"Making the Jump" by Mike L(oader)
"Malone" by Moderan (Internet Archive)
"The Man of Stone" by Hazel Heald (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"The Man Who Collected alt.horror.cthulhu" by Steven Marc Harris
"The Man Who Wrote the Necronomicon" by Richard Harter (Internet Archive)
"Mandor's Enemy" by Clark Ashton Smith (fragment) (Zothique). This fragment has been translated into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "L'ennemi de Mandor".
"The Mandrakes" by Clark Ashton Smith (Averoigne). This story has been translated into French by Patrick Rodrigue as "Les mandragores" and into Spanish by Enric Navarro as "Las mandrágoras".
"Manuscript Found in a Steel Bottle" by Simon Whitechapel (Internet Archive)
"The Many Gods of Alan Wren" by Josh Reynolds
"Mary" by Chris Loveless
"Mas allá del Rizo del Tiempo" by Alejandro Ramos (in Spanish)
"The Master of the Crabs" by Clark Ashton Smith (Zothique). There is an audio version (.mp3) ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5) and another audio (.m3u) version.
"Master of the White Worms" by Paul M. Kane (Sherlock Holmes crossover) (Internet Archive)
"Masters of Terror" by James Ambuehl and Laurence J. Cornford (Dr. Who crossover) (Nightscapes # 14)
"A Mate for the Mutilator" by Robert M. Price
"The Maze of Maal Dweb" by Clark Ashton Smith (Xiccarph) (Internet Archive). There is also an unabridged version, "The Maze of the Enchanter".
"The Maze of the Enchanter" by Clark Ashton Smith. See: "The Maze of Maal Dweb"
"The Meddling"by Andrew Ian Dodge
"Medusa's Coil" by Zealia Bishop (H.P. Lovecraft revision) (Internet Archive)
"Meet Morgan Smith" by Robert Weinberg
"Memoirs of the Heroes" by Richard B. Sampson Jr. (Final Fantasy Legend crossover) ("Memoirs of an Adventures Child" / "The Legend of Haniwa" / "Deadly Desire" / "The Birth of the Route of Rigge, Return of St. Marius, Flawed Faith" / "The Restoration Quest" / "The Return of Sphiroth" / "The Death of Isis and Ending of New Life, Ten of Cups" / "Riders from the Storm" / "Fear Factor" / "Darkness Begins to Fall" / "Tomes of Forbidden Magic" / "Killer Cure" / "Sibling Rivalry" / "Call for Peace" / "Vie Mort, Mort Vie" / "Yesterday's Gone" / "Every New Beginning" (Epilogue))
"Memory" by H.P. Lovecraft (Internet Archive)
"Men of Cthulhu" by Andrew Ian Dodge
"Mermaid" by Mik Clarke (Internet Archive)
"MIBs" by Tim Waggoner (Nightscapes # 2)
"The Midnight Abomination" by Peregrine Toker
"A Mind is a Terrible Thing" by Steve Maschuck and Fred Lubnow (Nightscapes # 9)
"The Mines of Waard" by C.B. Leonard
"The Miracle" by Ricardo J. Méndez (Delta Green)
"The Mirror" by balky
"The Mirror's Desire" by Mike Lotstien [sic]
"The Miskatonic Acid Test" by Dark Lord Rob (pseudonym) (work in progress, currently up to Chapter 20) (Ch 1 / Ch 2 / Ch 3 / Ch 4 / Ch 5 / Ch 6 / Ch 7 / Ch 8 / Ch 9 / Ch 10 / Ch 11 / Ch 12 / Ch 13 / Ch 14 / Ch 15 / Ch 16 / Ch 17 / Ch 18 / Ch 19 / Ch 20)

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