The following listing gives the stories published from the year of Ramsey Campbell's first collection to the tenth year afterword that are considered integral to the Cthulhu Mythos. Some of these were not considered as Mythos stories when first published, but have subsequently been subsumed into the Mythos by more current authors. This chronology only gives the place of first publication and the byline as it appeared therein.

If there is a story that you believe should be included in this chronology, we would be more than willing to listen to your reasoning of why it should be so. You can either email us at the address at the bottom of the page or enter the information in our guestbook, accessed from our main page.

NOTE: If for a particular publication the year and/or the date are blank, they are they same as above.

Year Date Publication Story
1964 --- Arkham House The Room in the Castle, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Horror from the Bridge, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Insects from Shaggai, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Render of the Veils, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Inhabitant of the Lake, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Plain of Sound, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Return of the Witch, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Moon-Lens, J. Ramsey Campbell

--- Arkham House The Shadow in the Attic, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
Casting the Stone, John Pocsik
The Stone on the Island, J. Ramsey Campbell
1965 --- Doubt A Madness from the Vaults, J. Ramsey Campbell

--- Mirage The Face in the Desert, J. Ramsey Campbell
1966 --- Arkham House The Dark Brotherhood, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
To Arkham and the Stars, Fritz Leiber

Autumn Anubis The Beast from Baalazz, Lyle Gaulding
1967 --- Arkham House The Horror from the Middle Span, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth

--- Arkham House The Mind Parasites, Colin Wilson

[Spr] Supernatural Stories That Deep Black Yonder, A.J. Merak
The Keeper of Dark Point, Michael Hamilton

Spring Anubis The Black Bishop, Ronald J. Willis
The Bookseller's Tale, Walter J. Wentz

[Sum] Supernatural Stories The Thing in the Mist, Max Chartair
The Black Mirror, Randall Conway
The Haunting of Charles Quintain, Michael Hamilton
1968 --- St. Martin's Press Dagon, Fred Chappell

[Spr] Anubis The Gate of Diminishingness, Andrew E. Rothovius

--- Ocymot A Statue of Unknown Origin, Robert Weinberg

Summer The Arkham Collector The Cypress Shell, Brian Lumley

July Magazine of Horror The Castle in the Window, Steffan B. Aletti

September Magazine of Horror Leapers, Robert A.W. Lowndes (1st revised version)

Fall Startling Mystery Stories Settler's Wall, Robert A.W. Lowndes (1st revised version)

Winter Space and Time Cthark, Gordon Linzner
1969 --- Arkham House The Haunter of the Graveyard, J. Vernon Shea
Cold Print, J. Ramsey Campbell
The Sister City, Brian Lumley
Cement Surroundings, Brian Lumley
The Deep Ones, James Wade
The Return of the Lloigor, Colin Wilson

--- Arthur Barker The Philosopher's Stone, Colin Wilson

Summer The Arkham Collector A Darker Shadow Over Innsmouth, James Wade

November - December Return to Wonder The Flying Horned One, Robert Weinberg
1970 Winter The Arkham Collector Billy's Oak, Brian Lumley

Phantasia The Trail of the Necronomicon, Gordon Matthews

--- Weirdbook Usurp the Night, Robert E. Howard

January Comic Courier Mushroom, John Jacob

February Morgan Smith A Thing of Bones, Robert Weinberg

--- Weirdbook The Well, Ray Jones

Summer The Arkham Collector The House of the Worm, Gary Myers
An Item of Supporting Evidence, Brian Lumley

July-August Maybe, Worlds of Fan Fiction The Ring of the Demon God, Robert Weinberg

Fall Omnifan It Sleeps Beneath the Sand, Robert Weinberg

December - January 1971 Maybe, Worlds of Fan Fiction The Dead Land, Robert Weinberg
1971 Winter The Arkham Collector Yohk the Necromancer, Gary Myers

--- Arkham House The Caller of the Black, Brian Lumley
The Mirror of Nitocris, Brian Lumley
The Night Sea-Maid Went Down, Brian Lumley
The Thing from the Blasted Heath, Brian Lumley
Dylath-Lean, Brian Lumley
De Marigny's Clock, Brian Lumley
In the Vaults Beneath, Brian Lumley

--- Arkham House The Dweller in the Tomb, Lin Carter
Shaggai, Lin Carter
The House in the Oaks, Robert E. Howard and August Derleth
Innsmouth Clay, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
Rising With Surtsey, Brian Lumley
The Deep-Sea Conch, Brian Lumley
The Rings of the Papaloi, Donald J. Walsh Jr.

--- Lancer Books Conan the Buccaneer, L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter

--- Huitloxopetl From the Depths, Meade Frierson III
The Trapdoor, Meade Frierson III

--- Laugh in the Dark Wilfred Kreel, Seeker of the Strange, Spain (comic)

--- Morgan Smith The Dark Stairway, E.P. Berglund and R.E. Weinberg

March Parallax The House of Keziah Mason, Julien C. Raasveld

Spring The Arkham Collector Passing of a Dreamer, Gary Myers

April Magazine of Horror The Vespers Service, William R. Bauer

Comic Courier The Clock, John Jacob

June The Dark Brotherhood Journal The Globe, Ray Jones

Nyctalops Perhaps the Elder Gods, James H. Lawson IV

Space and Time The Thing from the Sea, Robert Weinberg

Summer The Arkham Collector The Doom of Yakthoob, from The Necronomicon, Lin Carter
Notes Concerning a Green Box, Alan Dean Foster

October IS The Last Necronomicon, Larry Niven

Nyctalops "And When Blood Touches Blood ...", John Jacob

November 10 Night Gallery Professor Peabody's Last Lecture, Jack Laird (television)
1972 --- NCKATEAB SF Club Akumaden, Ken Asamatsu

--- NCKATEAB SF Club Hokaisek no Ketsumyakei, Katsuhiro Matsui

--- The Dark Brotherhood Journal Those That Wait, James Wade
The Worms, Ray Jones

--- Huitloxopetl Reunion, Margaret L. Carter

--- The Sunshunner The White Young Girl Who Lived in the Attic, Bruce Hallenbeck Jr.

--- Tamlacht Fungi, Al Attanasio

February Nyctalops Homecoming, Walter C. DeBill Jr.

[3] Frierson The Burrowers Beneath, Brian Lumley (Chapter 1)
The Return of Zhosph, Gary Myers
The Drawings on the Desktops, John Sellers
Planetfall on Yuggoth, James Wade
Predator, Walter C. DeBill Jr.
Those Beneath the Waves, Herb Arnold
The Elder Sign, Al Attanasio
Totem, John Jacob
Down to the Sea, Bill Wallace

April - May From Beyond the Dark Gateway The Rynlaerth Megaliths, John Jacob
The Outpost, John J. Koblas
From the Sea, Walter C. DeBill Jr.

May Batman Secret of the Psychic Siren, Mike Friedrich (comic)

Macabre Wei-Thogga, Mike Ambrose

June Batman Death-Point, Mike Friedrich (comic)

June 24 Ambrosia Derrick's Ritual, Alan D. Gullette
The Pirrak, Billy Keel

October Scorpia The Seashell, Bill Pugmire

December From Beyond the Dark Gateway The Quest of the Necronomicon, J.J. Koblas
The Summons of Hastur, Alan D. Gullette
The Lure of Leng, Walter C. DeBill Jr.
The Events at Poroth Farm, T.E.D. Klein
1973 --- Moonbroth Dark Woodsman, B. George Hallenbeck

--- SSF The Minneiska Incident, Phillip J. and G. Arthur Rahman

February Nightmare Where Are the Inhabitants of Earth?, Alan Hewetson (comic)

[??] Corr Ghouls, Robert Weinberg

[Spr] Etchings and Odysseys Kiss an Angel Good Morning, Robert Borski
The Left-Behind, John Jacob
What Lurks Among the Dunes, Walter C. DeBill Jr.

April Nyctalops The Terror Out of Time, Alan D. Gullette (round robin; Part 1)

June The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Haggopian, Brian Lumley

EODapa The Friar's Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer
The Dark Bride, F.C. Adams
Huitloxopetl, Meade Frierson III (round robin; parts 1-2)
The Road to Dunwich, Ben Indick

July Whispers The House of Cthulhu, Brian Lumley

The HPL Supplement Deep Calls to Deep, William Scott Home

August Scream This Archaic Breeding Ground, Alan Hewetson (comic)

Ambrosia Within the Machinery of Light, Alan D. Gullette

EODapa Azathoth, David E. Schultz (unsigned)

September Creepy Innsmouth Festival, John Jacobson (comic)

Fall Weird Tales The Utmost Abomination, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter

Black Oracle The Strange Green Bat of the Woods, George Hallenbeck

[10] Weirdbook Ngyr-Khorath, Walter C. DeBill Jr.

October Nightmare This Grotesque Green Earth, Alan Hewetson (comic)

November Space and Time End of the Quest, Gordon Linzner

Winter Weird Tales The Double Tower, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter

December EODapa Passing Through, Robert Weinberg

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