The following listing gives the stories published in the second decade after Ramsey Campbell's first collection was published that are considered integral to the Cthulhu Mythos. Some of these were not considered as Mythos stories when first published, but have subsequently been subsumed into the Mythos by more current authors. This chronology only gives the place of first publication and the byline as it appeared therein.

If there is a story that you believe should be included in this chronology, we would be more than willing to listen to your reasoning of why it should be so. You can either email us at the address at the bottom of the page or enter the information in our guestbook, accessed from our main page.

NOTE: If for a particular publication the year and/or the date are blank, they are they same as above.

We wish to publicly thank Phil Stecco for pointing out an omission in this section of the chronology. The omission is denoted by a purple push pin.

We would also like to publicly thank Boyd Pearson for pointing out an omission in this section of the chronology. Boyd said that we left out Ebon Roses, Jewelled Skulls by James William Hjort. Now all of the stories in this collection are inter-related, but we only feel that two of them are integral to the Cthulhu Mythos. These two omissions are denoted by a green push pin.

Year Date Publication Story
1974 --- Arkham House The Watchers Out of Time, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth (chapters 1-4)

--- Arkham House Beneath the Moors, Brian Lumley

--- Fontana Books The Horror Under Penmire, Adrian Cole

--- Donald M. Grant The Temple of Abomination, Robert E. Howard and Richard L. Tierney

--- Kokumadan Kansai Shikyoku Gekkoban, Takao Karita

--- Shroud The Chaos Spawn, F.C. Adams

--- Omen Night of the Stalking Death, Llewellyn M. Cabos

January Eerie Spawn of the Dread Thing, Tom Sutton (comic)

Space and Time The Mask of Zeng, F.C. Adams

--- Omen Frosted Glass, Ted Pons

January - February Swamp Thing The Lurker in Tunnel 13!, Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson (comic)

[2] DAW Books The Burrowers Beneath, Brian Lumley

February EODapa The Palace of Lions, Eldon K. Everett
The Dead City, Eldon K. Everett

March Whispers Sticks, Karl Edward Wagner

The HPL Supplement Brother in Damnation, William Scott Home
The Black Book, Eldon K. Everett
Devil's Hill, Eldon K. Everett

Laughing Osiris After Life ... Death?, Arthur Metzger and Rita Borgman

Space and Time The Dark, David C. Smith

April From Beyond the Dark Gateway The Crier in the Vault, Ted Pons
From Beyond the Dark Gateway, Warren Scott Miller
The History of the Great Race, Drs. Eric von Konnenberg and Pierre de Hammais
Translations from The Book of Yng, F.C. Adams
Perilous Legacy, Walter C. DeBill Jr.

May EODapa Daughter of Dagon, Eldon K. Everett
The Collector's Note, George S. Howard
The Evil One, Doug Nathman
Huitloxopetl, Joe Moudry (round robin; part 3)
The Moon-God Awakens, Crispin Burnham
Demon in the Flesh, Crispin Burnham
The Terrible Mind Excursion Machine, Chuck Harmon

June Nightmare The Vault, Alan Hewetson and Howie Anderson (comic)

[Sum] Kadath The City of Pillars, Lin Carter

July Nyctalops The Terror Out of Time, Walter C. DeBill Jr. (round robin; part 2)

August Nightmare The Scream and the Nightmare, Alan Hewetson (comic)

EODapa The Tatoo, Chuck Harmon
The Listener in the Basement, Fred C. Adams

September Creepy The Quaking Horror, Gardner F. Fox (comic)

Vampirella Tiara of Dagon, John Jacobson (comic)

Autumn Rune A Bird in the Hand Is ..., Cornelius Eagle
The Fetch, N.M. Flashman

[Fall] The Strange Company Casket of the Sea Queen, Richard Landwehr
The Release of Sclotha, Richard Blackmon
Born of Woman, David J. Brown
He Who Creeps, F.C. Adams
Lure to Darkness, Arthur Aspromatis
The Shunned Ship, Gerard E. Giannattasio
The Lurkers Beneath, Llewellyn M. Cabos
The Thing in the Library, Crispin Burnham and E.P. Berglund
Lineage of the Empty Dead, William Scott Home

Fall Spawn The Black Tower of Leng, Randy Medoff

October EODapa Things in the Sea, Crispin Burnham
The Mi-Go, Eldon K. Everett
The Monster on the Moors, Eldon K. Everett
The Sign of Kutullu, D.C. Smith
Huitloxopetl, E.P. Berglund (round robin; part 4)

November Vampirella Out of the Nameless City, John Jacobson (comic)

--- Unique Tales Inathotep's Tale, Fred C. Adams
1975 --- Neville Spearman Limited The Manitou, Graham Masterton
1975 --- Arkham House The House of the Worm, Gary Myers
1975 --- Arkham House Glimpses, A.A. Attanasi
The Gods of Earth, Gary Myers
What Dark God?, Brian Lumley
Forringer's Fortune, Joseph Payne Brennan
In 'Ygiroth, Walter C. DeBill Jr.
Out of the Ages, Lin Carter
In the Vale of Pnath, Lin Carter
1975 --- Corgi Books Aunt Hester, Brian Lumley
1975 --- St. Martin's Press The Great White Space, Basil Copper
1975 --- Shroud, Pub. The Devil Ground, Ted Pons
1975 --- Silver Scarab Press The Winds of Zarr, Richard L. Tierney
1975 --- The Strange Company The Sealed Casket, Richard F. Searight
1975 --- The Strange Company A Gentleman of Providence Pens a Letter, Ben Indick
1975 Winter Evermist The Shadow That Lurked in Twilight, John Alan Little
1975 January - February Nyctalops The Terror Out of Time, Ted Pons (round robin; part 3)
1975 February Ghostly Haunts Through a Glass Darkly, Tom F. Sutton (comic)
1975 February Unreal That Which Lies Below, Jerry Baker
The Mark of Kthagqua, Randy Medoff
The Destruction of Karoth, Jerry Baker
1975 February EODapa Mystery Hill, Robert C. Sudol
The Mask of Hali, Eldon K. Everett
The Soul-Sucker, Eldon K. Everett
Curse of Cthulhu, Crispin Burnham (round robin; part 1)
The Papyrus of Nephren-Ka, Robert C. Culp
1975 February - March The Connection The Last God, Jerry Baker
1975 [Spr] Augusta Preparatory School Slay It Again, Pam, Greg Nicoll
Innsmouth, Massachusetts Population: Not of This Earth, Greg Nicoll
1975 Spring Minetta Review The Advent of Hitimukoloan, Frank Vizard
1975 April MidFan Supplement At Journey's End, Richard Smoot
1975 April-May The Connection Menacers on the Moon, Daniel Bailey
The Sehkmet Horror, Jerry Baker
1975 [5] DAW Books The Transition of Titus Crow, Brian Lumley
1975 May EODapa The Bell of Pau Ku, Robert C. Culp
Randolph Carter's Portrait, Ross F. Bagby
The Statement of Richard Landreth, Crispin Burnham
1975 June Whispers The Ensorceled, Henry Hasse
1975 [??] APA-5 Spawn of the Y'lagh, Randall Larson
1975 June APA-5 Innsmouth Love, Loay Hall and Terry Dale
The Dome in the Garden, Loay Hall and Terry Dale
The Intruder, Dale Nelson
1975 July Space and Time The Nameless Isle, Llewellyn M. Cabos
1975 August The Diversifier The Eye of Atcha-Talan, Lew Cabos
1975 August EODapa Al Azif Epilogue, Robert C. Culp
Huitloxopetl, Crispin Burnham (round robin; parts 5-8)
Case, Wally Stoelting
1975 Fall Spawn They Only Come Out At Night, Randy Medoff
The Inherited Search, Rod Snyder
The Seven Towers, Jerry Baker
1975 October Fantastic The Scroll of Morloc, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter
1975 October Monster Hunters The Kukulkaton, Tom Sutton (comic)
1975 [10] Dark Messenger Reader Images in Stone, Crispin Burnham
Beneath the Sleeping City, Llewellyn M. Cabos
The Second Time in Twenty Years, Ross Marchmont
Descent Into Madness, John J. Koblas
Mad Eyes in Darkness, C.H. Mallory
The Innsmouth Head, Franklyn Searight
Wings in the Night, E.P. Berglund
Demon-Day, Ted Pons
The Still Ones, F.C. Adams
The Promise of the Black Goat, Edward M. Kane
1975 [11] Avon Books From Beyond the Stars, Richard L. Tierney
1975 November Space and Time Spawn of the North, George C. Diezel II and Gordon Linzner
Tellus Mater, David C. Smith
1975 October EODapa The White Squirrel, Robert M. Eber
Xiuhcoatl, Robert C. Culp
Demon Gods Walk Among Us, Crispin Burnham
1975 December The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Born of the Winds, Brian Lumley
1975 December Forum Scherzo in D-Flat, S.T. Joshi
1976 --- Lovecraftian Kyokai Kimonusutomura Kitan, Katsuhiro Matsui
1976 --- Spectre Press Harold's Blues, Glen Singer
Baptism of Fire, Andrew Darlington
1976 January The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction My Boat, Joanna Russ
1976 January THLapa The Vision, Crispin Burnham
1976 February Fantasy Crossroads The Scarlet Sigil, Leon Gammell
The Aquarium, Carl Jacobi
1976 February EODapa The Murderer from Harkness, Crispin Burnham
The Curse of Cthulhu, E.P. Berglund (round robin; part 2)
Necronomicon, Olaus Wormius
The Secret of the Spheres, Jim Shoffner
1976 Spring The Circle Dark Shapes Rising, Jim Shoffner
1976 May The Diversifier "Never Steal from a Whateley", W.H. Pugmire
Old Letters, Phillip C. Heath
The Experience, William A. Conder
The Dark Tower, Robert Eber
1976 May Equinox From the Deep, Gregory E. Nicoll
The Unusual Case of Frederick Harrison, Gregory E. Nicoll
1976 May EODapa Manuscript Found on the Beach, Barry R. Hunter
Dead Giveaway, J. Vernon Shea
1976 --- Stellar Z Productions The Hammerhead Horror, Gregory E. Nicoll
The Night the Dolphin Went Down, Gregory E. Nicoll
1976 Summer Old Bones From Ye Journal of William Davis Manly, William Davis Manly
1976 July THLapa Necrotic Knowledge, Cemetarius Nightcrawler
1976 August Fantastic The Stairs in the Crypt, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter
1976 August EODapa Dream-Visitant, William A. Conder
Weak Signal, William A. Conder
La Maison du Nord, Joel Ruimy (Part 1)
1976 September Ziggurat A Report on the Cave Expedition, Gregory Nicoll
1976 September REHupa Moon-Ghoul, Leon L. Gammell
1976 [10] DAW Books The Fairground Horror, Brian Lumley
The Silence of Erika Zann, James Wade
All-Eye, Bob Van Laerhoven
The Tugging, Ramsey Campbell
Where Yidhra Walks, Walter C. DeBill Jr.
The Feaster from Afar, Joseph Payne Brennan
Zoth-Ommog, Lin Carter
Darkness, My Name Is, Eddy C. Bertin
The Terror from the Depths, Fritz Leiber
1976 November Fantastic Tharquest and the Lamia Orbiquita, Brian Lumley
1976 November Zerinza Shoggoth Incursion, Nikki White (part 1)
1976 November REHupa The Thief and the Demon, Leon L. Gammell
The Hand of Nodens, Leon L. Gammell
1976 [12?] Dark Fantasy Moon Over the Xingu, George Diezel II
1977 --- Arkham House The Viking's Stone, Brian Lumley
The Horror at Oakdeene, Brian Lumley
The Statement of Henry Worthy, Brian Lumley
1977 --- Spectre Press The Guardians of the Gates, Brian Mooney
1977 January Graceland-apa The Antique Hunters, James A. McKraken
1977 January THLapa Mother of Spiders, Eldon K. Everett
1977 February EODapa The Painter of Still-Lifes, K. Allen Daniels
Lovecraftianisms, E.P. Berglund
Photo Finish, James Wade
1977 [2] Graceland-apa Door to the Garden, Robert E. Howard (fragment)
1977 February Graceland-apa The Horror Out of Time, Leon L. Gammell
1977 March Fantasy Crossroads Genseric's Fifth-Born Son, Robert E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, and Joseph Payne Brennan (round robin; Ch 1 - 3)
The Wrath of Tupan, Richard L. Tierney
The Temple of Nephrenka, Philip J. Rahman and J.A. McKraken
1977 May The Diversifier The Man Who Collected Lovecraft, Gregory Nicoll
Beneath the Vaults of Sumaris, Phillip C. Heath (part 1)
1977 May EODapa A Visit to the Old Farm, Crispin Burnham
Dead Thing in a Deserted Theater, Ted Rypel
1977 June Necroapa The Snouted Thing, H.P. Lovecraft and J. Vernon Shea
1977 Summer Equinox The House of the Beast Within, Gregory E. Nicoll
1977 Summer Fantasy Tales Mylakhrion the Immortal, Brian Lumley
1977 Summer Stardock The Nooseneck Hill Horror, Michael Danagher
1977 July The Diversifier Beneath the Vaults of Sumarus, Philip C. Heath (part 2)
The Thing That Collected Bloch, Randall Larson
1977 July Zerinza Shoggoth Incursion, Nikki White (part 2)
1977 [8] Zebra Books Discovery of the Ghooric Zone -- March 15, 2337, Richard A. Lupoff
1977 August EODapa The Shadow Over Amoston, Crispin Burnham
[untitled], John Rieber
1977 August - September Challengers of the Unknown The Lurker Below, Gerry Conway, Mike Nasser, and Joe Rubenstein (comic)
1977 September Fantastic The Whisperers, Richard A. Lupoff
1977 September Space and Time The Feaster from the Stars, E.P. Berglund
The Thing in the Glen, W.H. Pugmire
1977 Fall Escape! Cryptically Yours ..., Brian Lumley
1977 October From Beyond the Dark Gateway The Horror in the Blue Glass Bottle, Ross F. Bagby
Translations from the Book of Yng, F.C. Adams
Candles Burning Blue, Llewellyn M. Cabos
The Temple in the Swamp, Stephen Cross
1977 October Zerinza Shoggoth Incursion, Nikki White (part 3)
1977 [11] DAW Books The Snout in the Alcove, Gary Myers
1977 November Fantasy Crossroads Genseric's Fifth-Born Son, Richard L. Tierney, Michael Moorcock, and Charles R. Saunders (round robin; Ch 4 - 6)
1977 November EODapa The Flawed Gem of Yliel, James W. Shoffner
Lurkers Beneath the Depths, Crispin Burnham
1977 Winter Fantasy Tales The Feast of Argatha, F.C. Adams
1977 [??] Weirdbook Along for the Ride, James William Hjort
1978 --- Doubleday Jerusalem's Lot, Stephen King
1978 --- Carlisle Books Satan's Mistress, Brian McNaughton
1978 --- Spectre Press The Kiss of Bugg-Shash, Brian Lumley
1978 January THLapa The Frightened of Llytatoggua, Crispin Burnham (part 1)
1978 March Eldritch Tales Sword of the Seven Suns, E.P. Berglund
Dreams of the Dreamer, Joeseph Hammond (part 1)
... And the Sleepers Woke, A. Aspromatis
1978 March Nyctalops The Sun of God, Glen Rahman
1978 [4] Jove Books The Clock of Dreams, Brian Lumley
1978 April THLapa The Frightened of Llytatoggua, Crispin Burnham (part 2)
1978 --- Fan-Tome Horror Under College Hill, Herbert Marshall
1978 June Fantasy Crossroads Ghor, Kin-Slayer, Andrew J. Offutt and Manly Wade Wellman (round robin; Ch 7 - 8)
1978 June EODapa Continent Beyond Time, Crispin Burnham
1978 [7] Jove Books Spawn of the Winds, Brian Lumley
1978 [7] Valcour & Krueger, Inc. The Horror on the Beach, Alan Dean Foster
1978 July THLapa The Frightened of Llytatoggua, Crispin Burnham (part 3)
1978 [8] Zebra Books The Devil's Hop Yard, Richard A. Lupoff
1978 September Fantasy Crossroads Ghor, Kin-Slayer, Darrell Schweitzer and A.E. van Vogt (round robin; Ch 9 - 10)
1978 October Whispers Strange Eons, Robert Bloch (extract)
1978 October Eldritch Tales The Black Chaos, Kenneth Huff
Dreams of the Dreamer, Joeseph Hammond (part 2)
The Awakening, Edward M. Kane
Beneath College Hill, Gerard E. Giannattasio
The Sorcerer's Pipe, Franklyn Searight
Incident in Newark, Phyllis Rose
The Shadow Vampire, Leon L. Gammell
The Color from Beyond, Llewellyn M. Cabos
Haven, Ted Pons
1978 October EODapa The Curse of the Toad, Loay Hall and Terry Dale
Audition, W.H. Pugmire
The Spawn of Y'lagh, Randall Larson
The Doom That Came to Sarnath, H.P. Lovecraft (original version)
1978 --- Whispers Press Strange Eons, Robert Bloch
19798 January Fantasy Crossroads Ghor, Kin-Slayer, Brian Lumley and Frank Belknap Long (round robin; Ch 11 - 12)
1979 January Space and Time O Christmas Tree, Jessica Amanda Salmonson and W.H. Pugmire
1979 [2] Pinnacle Books The Revenge of the Manitou, Graham Masterton
1979 --- Eerie Country The Light at Curry's Point, Ernest Johnson
1979 February EODapa The Dome in the Garden, Loay Hall
1979 [4] Jove Books In the Moons of Borea, Brian Lumley
1979 April Eldritch Tales Gunfight Against Nyarlathotep, Randall Larson (part 1)
Dreams of the Dreamer, Joeseph Hammond (part 3)
The Thing in the Abyss, Llewellyn M. Cabos
Headsman, Michael Fantina
A Correlation of Facts Relating to UFO's, Phyllis Rose
1979 May The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction The Freshman, Philip Jose Farmer
1979 August EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Kenneth Faig Jr. (part 1)
A Visitor from Providence, Bernadette Bosky
1979 September Near Myths The Elder Gods, R. Norman (comic; part 1)
1979 October Heavy Metal Excerpts from the Necronomicon, Philippe Druillet
The Alchemist's Notebook, David Hurd and William Baetz
1979 October Whispers Sorcerer's Dream, Brian Lumley
The Secret Member, J. Vernon Shea
1979 [12] Eldritch Tales Gunfight Against Nyarlathotep, Randall Larson (part 2)
Cleanthis Leonides (or Haggopian's Third Wife), Phyllis Rose and Philip Panaggio
A Final Memoir, W.F. Waldrip
Dreams of the Dreamer, Joeseph Hammond (part 4)
1979 December Gothic The Exile, Galad Elflandsson
1980 --- Arkham House Crouch End, Stephen King
The Star Pools, A.A. Attanasio
The Second Wish, Brian Lumley
Dark Awakening, Frank Belknap Long
Shaft Number 247, Basil Copper
Black Man With a Horn, T.E.D. Klein
The Black Tome of Alsophocus, H.P. Lovecraft and Martin S. Warnes
Than Curse the Darkness, David Drake
The Faces at Pine Dunes, Ramsey Campbell
1980 --- Carlisle Books Satan's Seductress, Brian McNaughton
1980 --- Centaur Books The Black Wolf, Galad Elflandsson
1980 --- Weirdbook Press Cthulhu's Gold, James William Hjort
The Ebon Harp, James William Hjort
1980 --- Dunwich House Eyurid, Tais Teng and Eddy C. Bertin
1980 January Nyctalops Visit to Innsmouth, Phyllis Rose
1980 February EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Kenneth Faig Jr. (part 2)
1980 March Fantasy Readers Guide Before the Storm, Ramsey Campbell
1980 April Near Myths The Elder Gods, R. Norman (comic; comic)
1980 May Kadath Collector's Piece, Adrian Cole
1980 May Paragon Interlude at the Bridge, Franklyn Searight
1980 [6] Eldritch Tales Skull of Gur'la-ya, Jerry Baker
The Horror Below, Kenneth Huff
Forerunners of Doom, W. Paul Ganley
The Arctic Stone, Ross F. Bagby
Temple of the Demon, Crispin Burnham
The Tomb of the Black Ape, Leon L. Gammell
1980 July Space and Time Countdown for Kalara, Richard L. Tierney
1980 [8] DAW Books The Thing in the Pit, Lin Carter
1980 [9] Fantasy Macabre A Gent. from Providence, Dave Reeder
1980 Fall The Pterodactyl's Egg The Shape in the Mist, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ronald R. McDowell
1980 October EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Kenneth Faig Jr. (part 3)
Short Cut, William Fulwiler
1980 November Kadath The House of the Temple, Brian Lumley
1980 December Futuristic The Last Planet, Jason Magnus
1980 December EODapa The Cancer Thing, Phyllis Rose
The Recurring Doom, S.T. Joshi
1981 [??] Gasp Out of the Deep, E.M. Sutton (comic)
1981 [1] Eldritch Tales The Sand Castle, E.P. Berglund
The N Scale Horror, Gerard E. Giannattasio
The Pool of Xoctl, Gordon Linzner
The Eggs of Pawa, Richard L. Tierney
The Darkness Beneath, Shirley D. Sipe
The Conqueror, Wayne Hooks
The Myth of the Mythos, James Anderson
1981 February EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Kenneth Faig Jr. (part 4)
1981 March Nyctalops Among the pictures are these:, J. Ramsey Campbell
1981 [Spr] Zebra Books The Light from the Pole, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter
Dreams in the House of Weir, Lin Carter
1981 [Spr] Zebra Books Something in the Moonlight, Lin Carter
The Descent Into the Abyss, Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter
1981 [Spr] Weirdbook Recognition, Brian Lumley
1981 April Fantasy Macabre A Greater Pleasure, Richard Fawcett
Cae Coch, Dave Reeder
1981 May EODapa Haunt Ville, Michael Roden
Strange Fugitive, Dave Oreno
1981 August EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Ken Faig Jr. (part 5)
My Brain or My Body, Phyllis Rose
The Black Han-Dha, Phil Panaggio
[Untitled], David Oreno
1981 [Fall] Zebra Books The House of the Temple, Brian Lumley
The Summons of Nuguth-Yug, Gary Myers and Marc Laidlaw
The Winfield Heritance, Lin Carter
1981 September Futuristic At the Portals of Pluto, Jason Magnus and Mark Graylock
1981 October Yankee The Reluctant Vampire, R.J. Connors
1981 October EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Ken Faig Jr. (part 6)
The Return, Michael H. Cline
1982 [??] Holmesian Federation The Adventure of the Ancient Gods, Ralph E. Vaughan
1982 [1] Eldritch Tales The Shadow in the Valley, Stephen Cross
The Madness Out of Space, "H.P. Lovecraft" (part 1)
1982 February Futuristic The Basalt Temple, Peter Kells
1982 February EODapa Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors, Ken Faig Jr. (part 7)
The Cold, Crispin Burnham
1982 March The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley, Richard A. Lupoff
1982 Spring Threshold of Fantasy Dr. Dexter, Llewellyn Cabos
1982 May EODapa The Last Run, James Piatt (part 1)
The Cursed Kingdom, Randall D. Larson
1982 June Nyctalops A Book of Verse, William Wallace
1982 June Oracle The Fabulous Sea Below, Jessica Amanda Salmonson
1982 St. John's Eve Crypt of Cthulhu The Derleth Horror, Robert M. Price
1982 Summer Fantasy Tales The Voice of the Beach, Ramsey Campbell
1982 Summer Space and Time How Jacquerel Learned to Let Sleeping Gods Lie, Janet Fox
1982 August EODapa P'nagla, Jerry Baker
The Feaster in the Tombs, Lewis Sanders and M.H. Cline
The Last Run, James Piatt (part 2)
Epitaph, Harry J. Pearson (part 1)
1982 Lammas Crypt of Cthulhu The Offering, Lin Carter
1982 [9] Tor Books The Wells of Hell, Graham Masteron
1982 --- Eerie Country Music of the Void, William H. Stout
1982 --- Eldritch Tales The Stalker, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ronald R. McDowell
1982 --- Weirdbook Yhagni's Priest, James William Hjort
1982 September Justice League of America The Secret That Time Forgot!, Gerry Conway (comic)
1982 November EODapa The Vacation, David Oreno
The Guardian of the Tome, Lewis Sanders and M.H. Cline
Epitaph, Harry J. Pearson (part 2)
They Came from Below, Crispin Burnham
1983 --- Tigress Books Tide of Desire, Sheena Clayton
1983 [??] Weirdbook Lord of the Worms, Brian Lumley
1983 February EODapa The Lord of Illusion, E. Hoffmann Price
1983 [4] Eldritch Tales The Madness Out of Space, "H.P. Lovecraft" (part 2)
Dark Swamp, James Anderson
The Horror in the Garden, Randall Larson and Loay Hall
1983 [5] Etchings and Odysseys The Hour of Demons, Llewellyn M. Cabos
Nightmare's Promise, Robert Borski
1983 May EODapa A Heart Told Tale, Jos The Reynolds
1983 [Sum] Zebra Books The Vengeance of Yig, Lin Carter
1983 Michaelmas Crypt of Cthulhu The Tree on the Hill, Duane W. Rimel and H.P. Lovecraft
1983 December Necroapa Tu-Tu the Toad Girl, D.T. St. Albans and David Pudelwitts
1983 - 1984 December - January Fantasy Gamer Mirrors of the Soul, C.J. Henderson

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