The Case of Charles Dexter Ward


Franklyn Searight

Essential Saltes are ashes made
From corpses cleaned, unclad,
Then caused, by magic spells, to rise
And take the forms they had.
Joe Curwen, once an alchemist --
At magic, quite the whiz --
Had used the Saltes to resurrect
The dead he wished to quiz.
Descended from this fiendish chap
Was Charlie Ward. One day
He dug the wicked fellow up
To learn what he might say.
But all did not go quite as planned;
Old Joseph wasn't dense;
He gained the upper hand because
Poor Charlie had no sense.
It's no surprise to learn the guy
Went crazy from the strain
'Cause horrors he created were
Enough to blast his brain.
It was a nasty, brutal task
Exterminating Joe
Because the necromancer was
Determined not to go.


© 2003 Edward P. Berglund
"Lovecraftian Cliff Notes for Ech-Pi-Elís: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward": © 2003 Franklyn Searight. All rights reserved.
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