Ech-Pi-Elís: The Nameless City


Franklyn Searight

For countless years, abandoned, shunned,
It's stayed about the same,
With no one living now who knows
The crumbling city's name.
Unvisited it's been until
I trekked 'cross Arab sands
Beneath the desert's blazing sun
That blisters face and hands.
Abdul Alhazred dreamed of it,
But then refused to write
Of all the horrors he had seen
In visions one bleak night.
Beneath a prehistoric shrine
A passage burrowed down
Where frescoes told the his'try of
The primal builders' town.
I saw the mural pictures of
That reptile-snouted clan
Who crawled the rooms and corridors
Before the dawn of man.
But when I glimpsed the creepy forms
Of that still living race
Approaching, ominous and grim,
I fled that awful place!


© 2001 Edward P. Berglund
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