James Ambuehl

A meteor fell to Earth from unknown outer space.
By some twist of fate it landed on Nahum Gardner's place.
It killed the plants and animals, things on which it fed.
And left behind the Blasted Heath, a land of the dead.
Lovecraft knew.

Ooze-covered and dripping slime, it rose from the ocean bed.
On its alien geometry the full moonlight was shed.
A horror beyond imagining raised its ugly head.
It left a great many men insane and a number of them dead.
Lovecraft knew.

Wilbur Whateley was a wizard, a twisted soul was he.
He spent his time in ancient books, searching for the Key.
He found it in Alhazred, but it never was applied,
For in the month of September the brothers Whateley died.
Lovecraft knew.

He found it there in Innsmouth, a secret beyond belief.
Of the hybrid things that worshipped at ancient Devil's Reef.
His blood was of the Innsmouth stock, and one can see why
He worships Dagon and Great Cthulhu and Hydra at Y'ha-Nthlei.
Lovecraft knew.

An expedition from Miskatonic explored the Antarctic pole.
They uncovered remnants of an ancient race, of which Alhazred told.
And a city of the Old Ones, filled with ancient lore;
And the loathsome shoggoth-things, forms of eldritch horror.
Lovecraft knew.


© 2000 Edward P. Berglund
"He Knew": © 2000 James Ambuehl. All rights reserved. This originally appeared in the alt.horror.cthulhu newsgroup.
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