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1. Con date was too close to GenCon, had to bite the bullet and shell out buckage for two big flights within two weeks (where's an expense account when you need one?).

2. Raining in Providence on Friday night caused my flight to suddenly veer lefty and land in Boston (the wet runway in Providence was too short for our "big" DC-9).

3. Was shuttled to the con (in the rain, at night) by a denizen of Innsmouth. He was an actor, and wanted to talk about his script concerning the Vietnam War (that, if made, would "guarantee at least a dozen high-level officials being sacked"). I kept my mouth shut as long as possible, but wanted a free ride to the hotel from the airport, so I had to suffer this creature's presence while he took me to the hotel (we passed the hotel on the way to the Prov. airport, which is where he was contracted to take everyone back . . . he broke the rules dropping me off at the hotel). In the end, he found out I lived in LA and work in the film business. Only a matter of time before he's dripping slime outside my door.

4. Did not get much sleep.

5. 10 am panel on indie filmmaking with creators of "Babylon Park" (very funny, go see it), and "To Oblivion" (very good, deserves the prize). I hogged the mic cuz I love talking indie film (and was, amazingly, awake).

6. Lunch with Robert Cappeletto, creator of "To Oblivion." We went to same film school (Columbia College, Chicago, also alma mater to John Strysik, director of "The Music of Erich Zann" . . . hmmmmm . . . a connection?), and bitched about how we hated it. Talked about other projects. Good time. (Fiddled with Robert's GPS, freaked about being tracked by satellites).

7. Bus trip to HPL's gravesite. Pics taken. Not as creepy as first time I was there (alone, after the con was over, in the pouring rain . . . a pic of that first trip is at: Beyond Books.

8. Return to hotel without incident.

9. Walking tour of Providence with Mr. Daniel Harms as guide. Highlight of con? Walked up the front steps to the "Shunned House" (though now painted smiley-face yellow, and not so shun-worthy anymore).

10. Attended panel about R.W. Chambers and "King in Yellow," with Harms, ST Joshi, and two other panelists who names I forget because I'm lame. Perfect timing, for I was reading TKIY (on loan from Mike Tice) on the plane ride here. Very informative. Film adaptation possibility? (Note to self: adapt "The Yellow Sign" so I have an excuse to film a nude actress).

11. Dinner with Scott Freeman and "Michael," an overwhelmingly kind gentleman from Pennsylvania with an overwhelming eastern accent. We had falafel.

12. Introduced film competition by giving away signed Return to Innsmouth posters. Interesting note: people immediately knew Bernie Wrightson did sketches for the possible Shadow Over Innsmouth film by Stuart Gordon, but few knew the names of any of the amateur/indie Lovecraft directors. Tsk, tsk.

13. Watched (thoroughly enjoyed) "To Oblivion." Skipped out (have seen the other films, especially mine) to play in "Preacher's Son," a Cthulhu Live game hosted by Robert MacLaughlin and a south Jersey live game group. Lots of fun, especially because the game took place at a religious "revival" (sermon). Right next door (literally, the room across the hall), was also hosting a religious revival/sermon (albeit a Christian one). I was (thoughtfully) restrained by the GM's from, as I put it, "going over and fucking with them."

Nothing like being stared at by right wingers while carrying a (somewhat realistic) plastic toy .45 pistol and swaggering about in my black "Napalm Death" T-shirt and babbling in a bad southern accent about "The Lawd!" (my character was a farmer from South Carolina).

Kudos to the hotel staff for putting such polar events side by side.

14. Lack of sleep starting to take toll.

15. Missed the end of the screening, did not do Q&A. I will pay for this oversight in the afterlife (if any).

16. Said goodbyes.

17. Did not sleep.

18. Left hotel and con at the hour of 5:30 am for a 6:20 am flight (Sunday morning). Note to self: don't do that anymore.

So, overall:

Missed Chaosium and Pagan guys there (especially since they are distributing RTI).

Really enjoyed meeting everyone: Jason Thompson, Andrew Harrison, Ed Berglund, Robert Cappeletto, Daniel Harms, Robert MacLaughlin, and of course, seeing Mr. Hummel and Ms. Jones again (apologies to anyone else I forgot to mention; remember, I was unstuck in time that whole con).

Will I go in 2001? Signs point to yes.


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