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(It is known fact that a large portion of the traditional myths of the world are mere allegories based on the legends and tales of the Old Ones and of the days when they held dominion over the Earth. Thus it should come as no surprise that the legend of the Golden Fleece actually has a partial origin in the recently discovered Book of Yng, Chapter 36, Verses 1-27. Below is a literal translation of said passage from the Arabic text. Words in parentheses are interpolations of those that were obliterated in the original parchment scroll, or for which no absolute English equivalent exists. -- F.C.A.)

Chapter XXXVI

1 . . . took the form of Xandar, husband of Kahira, priestess of the golden hair, 2 And through his wiles and trickery, Shub-Niggurath (shared the bed) of Kahira and by her, sired a son, 3 And in the same year as that of Argatha's fall *, she gave birth to a ram with golden fleece.

4 Yaggar was his name, and for many years, he served as the familiar of one Kimet, a conjurer and priest of Shub-Niggurath. 5 But Kimet had enemies in his own city, those envious of his position, and they plotted to murder him when he (inhabited) the body of Yaggar, for in his natural form, Kimet was immune to human devices.

6 These two, necromancers named Lortha and Akon, lay in wait for the golden ram to appear in Kimet's garden, where he worked many (spells) and enchantments. When he appeared, both of the assassins attacked Yaggar with darts dipped in poison, and he died. 7 Lortha and Akon then shaved the golden fleece from the ram's body, and with it, (they fled) to the royal court of the emperor Kior, and there bartered the fleece for positions of importance.

8 Some days later, Lortha and Akon were astounded to see Kimet in his own body approaching Kior's throne. 9 Kimet made entreaty to Kior saying, "My emperor, my master Shub-Niggurath has instructed me to (ask of you) that the golden fleece of Yaggar his son, which is in your possession, be returned to him, and his murderers be punished."

10 Kior made reply saying, "I know no Shub-Niggurath, and what is mine remains my (possession) forever." 11 Unknown to Kior or his newly (instituted) advisors was the fact that it was Shub-Niggurath himself in the guise of Kimet who had made the request. 12 He said, "If that be your answer, Kior, I take my leave."

13 A year passed, and Kior and his (henchmen) grew complacent. "What have we to fear of a god who takes no action on behalf of his son or his priest?" they said.

14 But a year to the Old Ones is as the falling of a leaf from a limb to the ground. 15 Shub-Niggurath forgot neither the injury nor the insult.

16 It was during the celebration of the festival of the Jackal that Kior appeared in a robe spun of the golden fleece, 17 And his two trusted administrators, Lortha and Akon, wore the gifts of a gold-spun girdle each, made of that same fleece. Kior bade the festival begin.

18 It was then that the Northern sky became aglow with a violet radiance, and the sound of great wings was heard in the distance, 19 For Shub-Niggurath had summoned forth from the icy wastes of the North, that one called the Avenger, Spawn of Chaos, and Son of Azathoth **, Xathagorra.

20 On leathery wings, the Chaos Spawn flew through the palace gates and stood before the throne of Kior, his (hideous) purple visage contorted by a look of fiendish glee. 21 The people of the city fled screaming, leaving Kior, Lortha, and Akon alone to face the (demon).

22 On webbed feet, the Avenger strode to the dais where the three stood frozen with terror. 23 Xathagorra's tentacles lashed out and seized them, and lifted them like babes.

24 He plucked the garments of Yaggar's fleece from their bodies and flung them like dolls against the marble columns of the throne-room, (dashing out) their brains and smashing their bodies.

25 The Son of Azathoth then spread his wings and soared upward into the deep night, bearing the golden fleece with him. 26 The fleece of Yaggar has never been seen again, for it hangs in Xathagorra's hall on the rim of earth, 27 And none dares go near it, for the Avenger never sleeps.

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*Probably a reference to the destruction of that city by Zagorra during the rule of Yl the
Conqueror. -- F.C.A.

**The Book of Yng states that Xathagorra "leapt full grown from Azathoth's own bowels." (14:8)
-- F.C.A.