Ech-Pi-Elís: The Rats in the Walls


Franklyn Searight

Now I, a de la Poer, restored,
In nineteen twenty-three,
The familyís ancient manor known
As Exham Priory.
But, oh, my Gawd, the awful things
That I was doomed to view!
Itís no surprise that in my mind
Bizarre derangement grew!
Huge rats infested turrets, and
They scrambled Ďhind the walls!
They swarmed about the rafters high
And scampered down the halls!
Then, deep below where blackness hides
A Roman altar stone,
I went with others Ďcause I feared
To search the depths alone.
Descending further . . . we found bones
Of varied shape and size --
A mountain pile of charnel waste
That cursed our blighted eyes!
I swear I hadnít known the truth
'Till at that horrid site:
My ghoulish kin had passed to me
Their fiendish appetite!


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