Matt Eliot


Franklyn Searight

First Mate was I for foolish Captain Marsh.
And it was I opposed his heathen plot
To bring those fish-frogs here to mess around
With those who lived here, willingly or not.
And who opposed the sale of our new hall
Where Masons met to practice good? 'Twas I.
But those who worshipped Dagon had the gold
To purchase anything they cared to buy.
The parsons all agreed with me, but they
Were all run out of town or simply quit.
And when a Deep One lusted after me,
I fled the town before I'd mate with IT!


© 1998 Edward P. Berglund
"Folks of Innsmouth: Matt Eliot": © 1998 Franklyn Searight. All rights reserved.
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