Aaron Vanek


The lighting is very contrast-y, with mostly darks and shadows. Starting with a black canvas, and lighting only what is necessary.

1. Move slowly in towards a barely visible door latch that quickly turns just before the door bursts open, and we MOVE BACK AWAY AND DOWN, quickly (moving into darkness), as a man clutching a book rushes into the house, looking around and behind him at the same time, scared. He locks the door and bolts down the same path as the camera, catching up to it, almost tripping over it.


2. We are DARKNESS, HIGH ABOVE the man who turns up a gas lamp, revealing his and our positions. We turn and come down as he rushes over to a desk, where he carefully sets the book down, but its weight shakes things on the table, and some dust (he hasn't been home in a while) rises. We slowly "drop" on him.

3. We see a CU of the book's title: "Necronomicon", a hand opens it.

4. The man starts reading the book (we're in front of him, slowly moving in)

5. We see him (ECU) mouthing the words and

6. (ECU) tracing the pictures in the book with his hand.

7. LS dolly in from a dark corner (behind) to the man reading at the desk as he jerks and convulses and gesticulates with his hands as we come in closer ... the walls behind him begin to melt upward (oil on white paper).

8. A close up of his eyes, looking to see the melting walls, which are reflected in his eyes (or glasses).

9. In a hand held shot, the camera ducks out of the way as he gets up to pace over to the wall (we duck down out of the way, then spring back up to see his back).

10. His POV of the wall, dripping up and away to nothing (black).

11. CU of his hand touching the wall, a drop of goop dribbling onto it, and his hand goes through the wall.

12. We see a CU on him, room in background ... he, along with the room, the house, reality ... melts away ... he contorts in pain and screams an unheard scream as he does. The whole scene dissolves into oily blackness.

13. The house fades back in from black, exactly the same as the preceding shot, but the man is gone.

Fade to black
Roll credits


© 1998 Edward P. Berglund
"My Necronomicon" (script): © 1997, 1998 Aaron Vanek. All rights reserved.
Graphic © 1998 Old Arkham Graphics Design. All rights reserved. Email to: Corey T. Whitworth.

Created: January 31, 1998; Updated: August 9, 2004