Richard L. Tierney

Grim ranks of frozen spires rear high to face
The world like walls that guard far lands of dream --
White, ivory fangs whose jagged summits seem
To lance the skies and pierce the fringe of space.
No life survives in that Antarctic clime,
And yet the demon wind that pipes and shrieks
Among those spires is like a voice that speaks
Of evil things in accents old as time.

No man has seen beyond that range of snow
The vast, black city sprawling grim and cold,
Yet dreamers speak of monstrous things of old
That ooze through vaulted corridors below,
While some have warned of what may rise again
From the black gulfs to face the world of men.

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"Mountains of Madness" by Richard L. Tierney: © 1963 Joseph Payne Brennan, for its appearance in Macabre, Winter 1963-64 (# 14). Reprinted from HPL, Birmingham: Meade and Penny Frierson, 1972. Email to: Meade Frierson III.
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