The Seven Gates of Slumber


Ron Shiflet

Upon passing through the first gate of slumber:
I precariously balanced on crystalline strands
above a gaping maw of viperous death
and mindlessly shrieked the name of Crom,
the uncaring god.

Upon passing through the second gate of slumber:
I saw the Walker on the Wind
who pierced my soul with a spear of ice
and pelted me with hailstones
that gouged and tore my flesh.

Upon passing through the third gate of slumber:
The blistering wind from a nameless city
charred and seared my body
until flesh hung in tatters
and my bones bleached in the sun.

Upon passing through the fourth gate of slumber:
I swam with creatures on the ocean floor
around cyclopean monoliths of stone
etched with strange and blasphemous glyphs
that boded ill for all mankind.

Upon passing through the fifth gate of slumber:
I plunged into the lightless void
of time and space, my brain imprisoned
in a cylinder of metal, borne by winged creatures
from beyond the stars.

Upon passing through the sixth gate of slumber:
I walked the ancient streets
of a strange New England town
where no Christian churches stood
and people never smile at strangers.

Upon passing through the final gate of slumber:
I stood on a newly risen isle of primeval ooze
where squat, toad-like creatures piped and gibbered
around Lord Cthulhu, causing me to start awake
screaming in my sweat drenched bed.

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