The following listing gives the stories published during H.P. Lovecraft's lifetime (extended to the end of the year of his death) that are considered integral to the Cthulhu Mythos. Some of these were not considered as Mythos stories when first published, but have subsequently been subsumed into the Mythos by more current authors. This chronology only gives the place of first publication and the byline as it appeared therein.

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NOTE: If for a particular publication the year and/or the date are blank, they are they same as above.

Year Date Publication Story
1920 June The Scot The Doom That Came to Sarnath, H.P. Lovecraft
1921 November The Wolverine The Nameless City, H.P. Lovecraft
1924 February Weird Tales The Hound, H.P. Lovecraft
1925 January Weird Tales The Festival, H.P. Lovecraft
1928 February Weird Tales The Call of Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft

July Weird Tales The Space Eaters, Frank Belknap Long Jr.
1929 March Weird Tales The Hounds of Tindalos, Frank Belknap Long Jr.

April Weird Tales The Dunwich Horror, H.P. Lovecraft

August Weird Tales The Shadow Kingdom, Robert E. Howard

September Weird Tales The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune, Robert E. Howard
1931 January Weird Tales The Horror from the Hills, Frank Belknap Long Jr. (part 1)

February - March Weird Tales The Horror from the Hills, Frank Belknap Long Jr. (part 2)

April-May Weird Tales The Children of the Night, Robert E. Howard

August Weird Tales The Whisperer in Darkness, H.P. Lovecraft

September Strange Tales The Return of the Sorcerer, Clark Ashton Smith

November Weird Tales The Tale of Satampra Zeiros, Clark Ashton Smith
The Black Stone, Robert E. Howard
1932 January Strange Tales The Door to Saturn, Clark Ashton Smith

February Weird Tales The Thing on the Roof, Robert E. Howard
The Tree-Men of M'Bwa, Donald Wandrei

June Strange Tales The Nameless Offspring, Clark Ashton Smith

August Weird Tales The Lair of the Star-Spawn, August Derleth and Mark Schorer

October Strange Tales The Hunters from Beyond, Clark Ashton Smith

Wonder Stories The Man of Stone, Hazel Heald

November Weird Tales Worms of the Earth, Robert E. Howard
1933 January Strange Tales The Thing That Walked on the Wind, August W. Derleth

February Weird Tales The Fire Vampires, Donald Wandrei

July Weird Tales The Horror in the Museum, Hazel Heald
The Dreams in the Witch-House, H.P. Lovecraft
Ubbo-Sathla, Clark Ashton Smith

November Weird Tales The Holiness of Azedarac, Clark Ashton Smith

December Weird Tales The Lady in Gray, Donald Wandrei
1934 July Weird Tales Through the Gates of the Silver Key, H.P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffmann Price

August Weird Tales The Isle of Dark Magic, Hugh B. Cave

October Weird Tales The Seven Geases, Clark Ashton Smith
1935 Winter Unusual Stories The Black Lotus, Robert Bloch

March Weird Tales The Sealed Casket, Richard F. Searight

April Weird Tales Out of the Eons, Hazel Heald

May Weird Tales The Secret of the Tomb, Robert Bloch

June Weird Tales The Suicide in the Study, Robert Bloch

September Weird Tales Vulthoom, Clark Ashton Smith
The Shambler from the Stars, Robert Bloch
1936 Winter The Californian The Night Ocean, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert H. Barlow

February Astounding Stories At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft (part 1; abridged)

March Astounding Stories At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft (part 2; abridged)

[4] Visionary Press The Shadow Over Innsmouth, H.P. Lovecraft

April Astounding Stories At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft (part 3; abridged)

May Weird Tales The Faceless God, Robert Bloch

June Astounding Stories The Shadow Out of Time, H.P. Lovecraft (abridged)

Weird Tales The Grinning Ghoul, Robert Bloch

Summer The Californian A Dim-Remembered Story, Robert H. Barlow

Fall Fanciful Tales The Forbidden Room, Duane W. Rimel

October Weird Tales The Opener of the Way, Robert Bloch
The Secret of Kralitz, Henry Kuttner

November Weird Tales The Dark Demon, Robert Bloch

December Weird Tales The Fire of Asshurbanipal, Robert E. Howard
The Haunter of the Dark, H.P. Lovecraft
1937 January Weird Tales The Thing on the Doorstep, H.P. Lovecraft
The Eater of Souls, Henry Kuttner

February Weird Tales Dig Me No Grave, Robert E. Howard

March Weird Tales Brood of Bubastis, Robert Bloch

March Weird Tales The Guardians of the Book, Henry Hasse

April Weird Tales The Mannikin, Robert Bloch

May Weird Tales The Salem Horror, Henry Kuttner

June Weird Tales The Black Kiss, Robert Bloch and Henry Kuttner

July Weird Tales The Creeper in the Crypt, Robert Bloch

August Weird Tales The Terrible Parchment, Manly Wade Wellman

November Weird Tales The Secret of Sebek, Robert Bloch

December Weird Tales Fane of the Black Pharaoh, Robert Bloch

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