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Available at: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de.

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Available at: Chaosium Online Catalog.

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Contents: (see under Robert E. Howard)

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Contents: (see under Clark Ashton Smith)


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__________ (ed.) The Yog-Sothoth Cycle. Chaosium. Forthcoming.

Tentative Contents: The Winds of Zarr, Richard L. Tierney.


__________ (ed.) The Yig Cycle. Chaosium. forthcoming.

Tentative Contents: The Curse of Yig, H.P.Lovecraft / The Mound, H.P.Lovecraft / The Automatic Electric Executioner, H.P. Lovecraft and Adolphe de Castro / The Challenge from Below: 1. Under the Mound, Robert M. Price, 2. The Trial, Peter H. Cannon, 3. The Horror at the Lake, Donald R. Burleson, 4, Beyond the Wall of Time, Brian McNaughton / The Shadow in the Valley, Larry Brasington / The Temple in the Swamp, Larry Brasington / The Shortest Distance, Ronald J. Zimmerman / The Return of Yig, Frederick Stansfield / Scales of Justice, Allan Mackey / Mother of Serpents, Gary Myers / From Darker Heavens, Stanley C. Sargent / The Dreams of Yig, Pierre Comtois and Henry J. Vester III / The Vengeance of Yig, Lin Carter / The Tulu Metal Disk, Allen Mackey / The Sad Saga of Mad Jake Niswander, Adam Niswander / The Artifacts from Quivira, Ross F. Bagby / The Shadow over Uxmal, Will Murray / The Snake Farm, Jim Ambuehl / In the Black Mill, Michael Chabon.

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Tentative Contents: (see under August Derleth)


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Tentative Contents: Bishop Hatto, Sabine Baring-Gould / St. Patrick's Purgatory, Sabine Baring-Gould / Attis, Catullus / Ligeia, Edgar Allan Poe / The Burial of the Rats, Bram Stoker / The Sin-Eater, Fiona MacLeod / The Rats in the Walls, H.P. Lovecraft / Exham Priory, Robert M. Price / Cats, Rats, and Bertie Wooster, Peter H. Cannon / Some Very Odd Happenings at Kibbelsham Manor, Michael Harrison / Jerusalem's Lot, Stephen King / Graveyard Shift, Stephen King.

__________ (ed.) The Klarkash-Ton Cycle. Chaosium. Forthcoming.

Tentative Contents: (see under Clark Ashton Smith)


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Tentative Contents: The Death of Halpin Frayser, Ambrose Bierce / The Maker of Moons, Robert W. Chambers / The Hounds of Tindalos, Frank Belknap Long / The Horror from the Hills, Frank Belknap Long / The Space-Eaters, Frank Belknap Long / The Gift of Lycanthropy, Frank Belknap Long / Gateway to Forever, Frank Belknap Long / When Chaugnar Wakes, Frank Belknap Long / The Letters of Halpin Chalmers, Peter H. Cannon / The Death of Halpin Chalmers, Perry Grayson / Through Outrageous Angles, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ronald McDowell / Death Is an Elephant, Robert Bloch / The Elephant God of Leng, Robert M. Price.

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General Mythos Anthologies:


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